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There are many reasons to choose John The Plumber, but before I get into them, I invite you to search the term “Bad plumbing” and scroll through the image results.

You probably think that these images can’t possibly be from a licensed plumber.

I hope that they’re not! But we’re involved in many online groups where we can help advise plumbers and rate their work, and based on what we’ve seen… We wouldn’t be surprised if some local plumber’s work showed up on your search results.

There are bad apples out there. And some guys get work when they shouldn’t.

When you choose John The Plumber, you never have to worry about these nightmares happening to you.

Our experts are experts. We recruit the top talent available and provide them with resources, advice, and encouragement to help develop and hone their skills.

We have a team of incredible plumbers, so if something in your home plumbing system is truly baffling, there’s a support system for our team.

The results speak for themselves, and you can find out for yourself through our Reviews and Testimonials.

Bad news travels faster and farther than good news, and yet we still manage to bring in 5-star after 5-star.

Pricing by the job means that the upfront price you are given will be honoured, no matter how much time we take.

Some jobs take longer than expected, and it’s not uncommon in the industry for plumbers to charge vastly different amounts than initially quoted.

At John The Plumber, the price we give you before beginning the job is the price you will pay. We’re not going to charge you more because of unforeseen circumstances, nor will we drag our feet to increase the bill.

Pricing by the job is our way of providing accurate quotes and efficient services. Every time.

At John The Plumber, we’re proud of the fact that we’re a premier plumbing service provider.

We try to be the best of the best.

A big part of being the best is ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our services and professionalism.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee means that you won’t regret choosing John The Plumber. 

We will always schedule you an appointment at the earliest convenience and arrive on time. We will always work diligently to provide efficient and effective solutions. We’ll always test the work to make sure the job is completed correctly. And we’ll always leave the workspace clean and tidy.

Read some of our reviews and testimonials for proof that we genuinely satisfy our customers and meet their needs.

On plumbing installations and repairs, John The Plumber is proud to offer our industry-leading 2-year warranty.

This means that you’re protected from defects and problems for 730 days after service.

And at John The Plumber, we truly honour our warranty. You can count on us!

Due to the nature of drain clogs and blockages, plumbing service providers cannot offer a warranty on blocked drains.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expect world-class drain cleaning services – it just means that we’re honest with you.

Drain blockages are sometimes caused by something more than the matter making up the clogs, and additional services may be required to repair the issue.

John The Plumber does occasionally partake in specials and coupons. However, you will find that our non-discounted prices are often lower than our competitor’s “discounted” services.

Raising the price by $25 before offering a $25 discount won’t really save you any money.

However, if you’re interested in saving money on plumbing and home services – you should check out our Peace of Mind Plumbing Program.

Not only will members save on services and parts, but we will actively help you avoid plumbing emergencies and big-ticket repairs with complimentary annual inspections.

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