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Ottawa residents are moving away from Toilet Paper and towards the Bidet.

The beginning of the Covid-19 quarantine opened a lot of eyes to the bidet. Consumers had bought all the available toilet paper, and retailers could no longer keep it stocked.

Ottawa residents began looking at alternatives, and Bidet Installations have taken off. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if a Bidet is for you?

Bidet Installation

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Bidet is a plumbing fixture installed in bathrooms to clean up your private parts after using the toilet. It’s a shower for your bum. Bidets offer a superior cleaning compared to dry Toilet Paper, and they won’t clog up your drainpipes as “Flushable” wipes can. They are very popular in Europe, Latin America, and many other areas, but Canada has been slow in adopting this hygienic and green technology until recently.

A bidet can come as an attachment to be installed onto your current toilet, or an independent plumbing fixture separate from the toilet. It connects to a water supply line, supplying water to a sprayer. This sprayer will shower your bits after using the toilet, keeping the insides of your pants fresh all day long.

Thinking About Getting A Bidet?

If you’re thinking about upgrading your bathroom and installing a bidet, we can help! We’ve got plumbers in Stittsville all the way to Orleans, and everywhere in between. We offer high-quality plumbing services by licensed and insured plumbers, and we can make the process of your new bidet installation as easy as possible.

If you’re thinking about getting a bidet, press the button below to schedule an appointment with one of Ottawa’s best plumbers!

Benefits of a Bidet

Ultra Cleanliness. Bidets shower your butt and junk whenever you want it to, so you can keep clean after using the toilet. Rubbing dry toilet paper on your butt is like scraping the nastiness. Even if the TP looks clean after the wipe, there are all sorts of germs and filth that you can’t see.

Bidets may help your health. A study done on nursing home residents showed a decrease in urine bacteria after bringing Bidets into the home. Bidets washed thoroughly, therefore helping to prevent the spread of fecal bacteria.

Bidets are better for the environment in more ways than you think! Obviously, with using less toilet paper (or none at all), there is going to be a positive effect on the environment. Fewer trees are being cut down, after all. But something that often goes unconsidered, is the amount of water and resources that go into growing and harvesting the trees which then get processed into toilet paper. A bidet ACTUALLY saves water! For every toilet paper roll, you go through, you could use a bidet 296 times without using more water.

You don’t need soap! This is a common bidet misconception. The medically-recommended way to clean the genital region is warm water. Bidets can also aerate the water, which adds to its cleaning power.

Toilet paper can cause anal tears. Toilet paper is designed to grab what it can, so it has an abrasive surface. Too much wiping, and wiping too aggressively, can lead to pain and injury!

Cleanliness applies to your hands too! You’d be surprised at how much stuff transfers to your hands through the toilet paper. You’d probably be disgusted if you knew, and you’d double or triple the time you spent washing your hands.

Bidets are gentle on your hiney. Have you ever “cleaned” so aggressively with toilet paper that you left your butt uncomfortable and sore? It’s not uncommon for people to see blood on their toilet paper after wiping. That’s not ideal! Bidets clean your areas better while doing it more gently.

Bidets won’t clog your drains! With the growing popularity of proper genital hygiene, many people turned to flushable wipes. These wipes, however, are deceptively titled. They are notorious for clogging up your drains and sewers and causing more trouble than they’re worth.

Bidets can fit into any bathroom! Gone are the days where you needed a designated bidet machine. With Bidet Toilet Attachments, you can add a bidet to any bathroom without taking up space.

Better hygiene practice can help your confidence! Wouldn’t you feel more confident without swamp-pants?

They save you money! We’ve been raised to use toilet paper, so it’s become a standard expense that we don’t put much thought into. But you should do the math on your toilet paper costs. Toilet paper is very expensive, and people go through a lot of it!

How a Bidet Cleans You

Regardless of the style of the bidet, a bidet works by spraying water on your junk after you’ve finished using the toilet. It showers your private parts, keeping your pants region as fresh and clean as when you got out of the shower.

After you have cleaned yourself sufficiently, you can dry yourself off with either a small amount of toilet paper (a fraction of what you would use otherwise) or a towel you keep for bidet use. Some bidets also come with a Drying function, which uses airflow to dry off your bits.

John The Plumber Can Help

There are numerous options for purchasing bidets. You can buy independent bidet fixturesbidet attachments, and even handheld bidets. Some are easy enough for most people to connect themselves, others require plumbing skills to install. Regardless of the Bidet you choose, John The Plumber can help you with your new bidet installation. Our experts have been installing Bidets for years, before the new rise in their popularity. Once you’ve selected and purchased your desired bidet, John The Plumber is happy to install the new hygiene device at your convenience.

Bidet Installation

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We are the Bidet experts. We can install new bidets, repair leaking bidets, and replace bidets when needed. We’re the one-stop-shop for all things Bidet.

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Jonathan came to replace a toilet and install a bidet faucet attachment. Very professional and courteous. Explained everything we needed to know and pointed out things we didn’t know about. Clean and tidy work; price was equal to original estimate. Highly recommended.
We had a toilet tank leak and David came by showed us the problem, fixed it in a timely manner, he was friendly, and he also installed a bidet for us. He is professional and diagnosed the problem right away and fixed it right away. I would definitely recommend David for anyone.
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Interesting Facts About Bidets and Toilet Paper

  • The average household goes through more than one toilet paper roll a day, 8 rolls a week, and 32 rolls a month.
  • Canada has over one billion acres of the boreal forest. More than one million acres of this forest are affected annually by industrial logging. “It’s disappearing before our eyes at a rate of seven NHL hockey rinks a minute.”
  • Canadian forests are being harvested to supply Americans with toilet paper.
  • The average retail price for Toilet Paper in Canada was $2.61 per 4 rolls.
  • Toilet paper smears feces and rubs it in. While it may remove large amounts of it, it always leaves something – whether or not you can see it on the toilet paper.
  • Toilet paper consumption far surpasses the consumption of newsprint.
  • Canadians use over 3,700,000 rolls of toilet paper a day. That’s over 24,000 trees used per day to meet our toilet paper needs. This statistic doesn’t consider the greenhouse gases released to harvest and process the trees (which also help to clean greenhouse gases), or the electricity and resources used.
  • Toilet paper’s pulp fibers can cause sewer lines to clog, requiring extra resources and labor to maintain our cities sewer systems.
  • Bidets are cheaper to use than toilet paper, they use far less water than toilet paper production, and they are far greener than toilet paper. Everyone should get a bidet!

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