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Welcome to John The Plumber, your premier plumbing service provider in Scarborough.

With years of experience under our belts, we’re dedicated to offering you fast, reliable, and high-quality plumbing solutions at your doorstep. Understanding the urgency and inconvenience plumbing issues can cause, we’ve streamlined our services to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.

Whether it’s a minor leak or a major plumbing project, our team of skilled professionals is ready to tackle any challenge, ensuring your plumbing system is functioning perfectly.

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Unmatched Plumbing Services in Scarborough

Same Day Service

Same Day Service

In the world of plumbing, we understand that time is of the essence. That's why we offer same-day service to address your needs without delay. Our team is committed to providing prompt responses to ensure that your plumbing issues are resolved quickly, minimizing any inconvenience or damage.

Licensed and Insured

Fully Licensed and Insured Plumbers

Peace of mind comes standard with John The Plumber. Our team of professional plumbers consists of fully licensed and insured professionals who bring expertise and precision to every job. With rigorous training and certification, our plumbers ensure that your plumbing needs are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with our quality of work. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with our service, we'll go the extra mile to make it right. We're not happy until you are.

Industry-Leading Two-Year Warranty

Two-Year Industry-Leading Warranty

We stand behind our work with a two-year industry-leading warranty, one of the best in Scarborough. This warranty underscores our confidence in the quality of our services and offers you added assurance that your investment is protected.

flat rate pricing

Flat-Rate and Up-Front Prices

Transparency is key in our service delivery. We provide flat-rate and up-front pricing, so you know exactly what to expect before we begin any work. No surprises or hidden fees – just honest, straightforward pricing for all our plumbing services.

John The Plumber is more than just a service provider; we’re your partners in maintaining a safe and efficient plumbing system in your home or business. With our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we’re here to ensure that your plumbing needs are met with the highest standards. Ready to experience the best in Scarborough? Call 416-214-3122 to get started!

Our Wide Range of Services

Comprehensive Plumbing Solutions

At John The Plumber, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive suite of plumbing services designed to meet every need and exceed all expectations. From essential installations and timely repairs to specialized services that ensure your home’s plumbing system operates efficiently and safely, our expert team has the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to handle any job, big or small.

Our commitment to quality workmanship, combined with our extensive range of services, makes us Scarborough’s go-to plumbing service provider. Whether you’re upgrading your home, addressing emergency repairs, or seeking solutions for better water quality, John The Plumber is here to deliver professional, reliable, and efficient service every time.

Plumbing Installation Services

At John The Plumber, our plumbing installation services are designed to meet the diverse needs of Scarborough residents, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and longevity for every installation. Our skilled plumbers are equipped to handle a variety of installations, from basic fixtures to complex plumbing systems. Here’s a closer look at the installation services we offer:

Kitchen or Bathroom Tap Installation

Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with our professional faucet installation services. Whether you're aiming for aesthetic improvement or functionality, our team can install a wide range of faucets, ensuring seamless integration with your existing plumbing.

Sink Installation

Whether it's for your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, a new sink can make a world of difference. Our team provides precise sink installation services, ensuring your new sink not only looks great but functions flawlessly.

Water Line Installation

From new construction to renovations, our team is adept at installing new water lines. We ensure a reliable supply of clean water to your property, adhering to all regulations and standards for safety and efficiency.

Toilet Installation

A new toilet can significantly enhance the comfort and value of your home. Our experts can install various types of toilets, ensuring they are properly fitted and connected to your plumbing system, optimizing water usage and preventing leaks.

Sump Pump Installation

Guard your basement against flooding with a sump pump installation. Essential for homes prone to water accumulation, our sump pump solutions are designed to efficiently remove water, protecting your property from water damage.

Outdoor Plumbing Installations

Enhance your outdoor living space with our outdoor plumbing installation services, including garden taps, irrigation systems, and outdoor showers. Perfect for convenience and enjoyment during the warmer months.

Backwater Valve Installation

Protect your home from sewer backflow with a backwater valve installation. This crucial component can prevent costly and unsanitary backflow incidents, safeguarding your property and ensuring peace of mind.

Appliance Installation

Our plumbing expertise extends to the installation of various household appliances that require water connections, including dishwashers and washing machines. We ensure that your appliances are correctly installed for optimal performance.

Water Heater Installation

Enjoy consistent hot water with our water heater installation services. We can install a variety of water heaters, including tankless and storage models, tailored to your household's needs and preferences.

Each installation service we offer is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring longevity, functionality, and compliance with all local building codes. At John The Plumber, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch installation services that meet your exact needs, helping you create a safer, more comfortable, and more efficient home.

Plumbing Repair Services

John The Plumber is Scarborough’s trusted source for prompt and efficient plumbing repairs. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to address a wide array of plumbing issues, ensuring your system is restored to optimal condition with minimal disruption. Here’s an overview of the repair services we offer:

Kitchen or Bathroom Tap Repair

Leaky or malfunctioning faucets are not just annoying but can lead to water waste and increased bills. Our experts can repair any type of faucet, resolving issues from drips to poor water pressure, ensuring your faucets function smoothly.

Drain Repair

Damaged or worn-out drains can lead to leaks and water damage. Our team can repair or replace damaged drain components, ensuring your system drains effectively without issues.

Sewer Repair

Sewer issues can be complex and unsanitary. Our team is equipped to handle sewer repairs, including blockages, cracks, and tree root intrusion, ensuring your sewer system functions properly and safely.

Hot Water Tank Repair

Issues with your hot water tank can affect your daily comfort. We repair common hot water tank problems, including heating element failures, thermostat issues, and leaks, ensuring you have consistent access to hot water.

Pipe Repair

Damaged pipes can compromise your plumbing system's integrity. Our pipe repair services cover everything from minor leaks to major breaks, ensuring your pipes are in excellent condition.

Toilet Repair

From running toilets to leaks around the base, our toilet repair services cover all issues, ensuring your toilet operates efficiently. We address problems with flushing, leaks, and blockages, restoring the comfort and hygiene of your bathroom.

Sump Pump Replacement

A malfunctioning sump pump can put your basement at risk of flooding. We offer sump pump repair services to address issues such as clogs, motor failure, and improper installation, ensuring your pump operates efficiently when you need it most.

Outdoor Plumbing Repairs

Outdoor plumbing issues, from hose bib leaks to irrigation system problems, can affect your property's functionality and appearance. We provide comprehensive outdoor plumbing repair services to address these issues effectively.

Emergency Leak Repairs

Leaks can occur at the most inconvenient times. Our emergency leak repair services are available 24/7 to address urgent issues, minimizing damage and restoring your peace of mind.

Water Line Repair

Issues with your water line can affect your home's water supply. We offer water line repair services to address leaks, corrosion, and other problems, ensuring a reliable and safe water supply.

Clog Repair

Clogs can disrupt the flow of your household. Whether it's a sink, shower, or toilet, we have the tools and expertise to effectively remove clogs, restoring clear and free-flowing drains.

Leak Repair

Leaks, whether visible or hidden, can cause significant damage over time. Our leak repair services include detection and repair of leaks in pipes, fixtures, and appliances, preventing water damage and mold growth.

Drain Backup Repair

A backed-up drain can be a symptom of deeper issues. Our experts diagnose and repair plumbing problems at the cause of drain backups, preventing future occurrences and ensuring a healthy plumbing system.

Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen pipes can burst and cause significant damage. We provide timely repairs for frozen pipes, including safely thawing and repairing any damage to prevent future freezing.

At John The Plumber, we understand the urgency and inconvenience plumbing problems can cause. That’s why we’re committed to providing fast, effective, and thorough repair services to address your needs and restore your plumbing system’s functionality. Whether you’re facing a minor issue or a major emergency, our team is here to ensure your plumbing operates smoothly and efficiently.

Drain Cleaning Services

Maintaining clear and functional drains is essential for the health and efficiency of your home’s plumbing system. At John The Plumber in Scarborough, we specialize in comprehensive drain cleaning services designed to tackle even the toughest blockages and prevent future plumbing issues. Our team uses advanced techniques and equipment to ensure your drains are thoroughly cleaned and operating at their best. Here’s what we offer:

Rooter Services

Our rooter services are designed to efficiently remove tree roots and other stubborn obstructions that can cause significant blockages in your sewer lines. By using specialized equipment, we can clear these blockages without damaging your pipes, restoring normal flow and function to your drains.

Drain Pipe Repair

Damaged drain pipes can lead to leaks, backups, and water damage. We offer drain pipe repair services to fix cracks, breaks, and corrosion, ensuring your drain pipes are in top condition and protecting your property from potential damage.

Hydro Jetting

For the most stubborn clogs and buildup, hydro jetting offers a powerful solution. This process involves using high-pressure water to blast through blockages, thoroughly cleaning the interior surfaces of your pipes and removing debris, grease, and other accumulations that can lead to clogs.

Snaking Services

Our snaking services provide a tried-and-true method for clearing clogs. By using a specialized plumbing snake, we can navigate the twists and turns of your pipes to dislodge blockages, including hair, soap buildup, and other common culprits, restoring proper drainage without damaging your pipes.

Drain Backup Repair

A drain backup is more than just a nuisance—it can be a health hazard. Our drain backup repair services quickly address the underlying cause of backups, whether it’s a simple clog or a more complex issue, preventing future occurrences and ensuring your system is sanitary and functioning properly.

Drain Cleaning

Routine drain cleaning is key to preventing clogs and backups. Our comprehensive drain cleaning services remove buildup and debris from your drains, ensuring they remain free-flowing and functional. This preventative measure can save you from future plumbing headaches and keep your system running smoothly.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow can contaminate your home's water supply, posing serious health risks. Our backflow prevention services include the installation and maintenance of backflow prevention devices, ensuring contaminated water cannot reverse flow into your clean water supply. This critical service protects your water quality and complies with local health and safety standards.

At John The Plumber, we understand the importance of a fully functional drainage system. Our expert team is committed to providing efficient, effective solutions for all your drain cleaning and maintenance needs. From routine cleaning to emergency repairs, we’re here to ensure your whole plumbing drain system is healthy, safe, and reliable. Trust us to keep your drains clear and your home protected from the challenges of clogged or damaged pipes.

Emergency Plumbing Services

When plumbing emergencies strike, the impact on your daily life and property can be significant. At John The Plumber in Scarborough, we’re ready to respond with fast, effective solutions to a wide range of plumbing emergency situations. Our team is equipped and prepared to handle the following common plumbing emergencies, ensuring peace of mind and the swift restoration of your plumbing system’s integrity and functionality.

Sink Clog

A clogged sink can halt your daily activities. Our emergency services swiftly address sink clogs, restoring functionality and preventing water damage or overflow.

Burst Pipe

Burst pipes are a serious emergency that can cause extensive water damage. Our team responds quickly to repair or replace the affected piping, minimizing damage to your property.

Leaky Toilet

Leakage from toilets can waste water and damage your bathroom flooring. Our emergency repairs fix leaks at their source, ensuring your toilet is secure and efficient.

Sump Pump Not Working

A failed sump pump puts your basement at risk of flooding. We repair or replace faulty sump pumps to protect your home from water damage.

Leaky Pipe

Leaky pipes, whether visible or hidden, can cause damage over time. Our emergency services include leak detection and repair to protect your property.

Leaky Tap

Leaking faucets can lead to water waste and increased utility bills. We repair leaks quickly to save water and avoid further damage.

Sewer System Backup

A backup in the sewer system is a critical health hazard. We address these emergencies promptly, clearing blockages and repairing any damage to prevent future occurrences.

Broken Water Line

Broken water lines can disrupt your water supply and cause property damage. We repair or replace broken lines quickly to restore service and prevent damage.

Bathtub and Shower Drain Clog

Clogs in bathtubs and showers can prevent water from draining, leading to potential overflows. Our emergency service clears these clogs, restoring clear drainage.

No Hot Water

Being without hot water is a significant inconvenience. We diagnose and fix issues with your hot water system to restore hot water supply quickly.

Appliance Water Hose Leak

Leaks from appliance water hoses, such as those connected to washing machines or dishwashers, can cause significant water damage. We provide prompt repairs to prevent further issues.

Toilet Overflowing

An overflowing toilet requires immediate attention to prevent water damage and health risks. We provide fast, effective solutions to resolve the overflow and address the cause.

Frozen Pipe

Frozen pipes risk bursting and can cut off water supply. We safely thaw frozen pipes and repair any damage to prevent future freezing and bursting.

Water Heater Leak

A leaking water heater can cause water damage and leave you without hot water. We address leaks and repair or replace faulty water heaters promptly.

John The Plumber is committed to providing rapid, reliable emergency plumbing services in Scarborough, ensuring your plumbing emergencies are resolved with minimal disruption to your life. Our expert team is available, ready to tackle any emergency with the expertise and care you deserve. Trust us to be there for you when you need us the most, ensuring your plumbing system is restored and functioning correctly.

Heating and Gas Services

At John The Plumber, we extend our expertise beyond traditional residential plumbing services, to include comprehensive heating and gas services for Scarborough residents. Understanding the importance of a safe and efficient heating system, especially during the colder months, our certified professionals are equipped to handle a wide range of heating and gas fitting needs. From installations and maintenance to repairs and safety checks, we ensure your home stays warm and your gas appliances operate safely and efficiently. Here’s an overview of the heating and gas services we offer:

Gas Line Installation and Repair

The safety of your gas line is paramount. Our team is experienced in both the installation of new gas lines and the repair of existing lines. Whether you're expanding your home's gas network or need repairs to ensure safety, we handle every job with the utmost care and professionalism, adhering to strict safety guidelines.

Water Heater Services

Hot water is a necessity for comfort and hygiene. We provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for both tankless and traditional water heaters. Our team helps you choose the best water heating solutions for your needs, ensuring reliable access to hot water.

Radiant Heating Solutions

Radiant heating systems provide efficient, even heating throughout your home. We offer installation and repair services for radiant heating systems, helping you enjoy the comfort and efficiency of modern heating technology.

Safety Inspections and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and safety inspections are crucial for the safe operation of your heating and gas systems. Our comprehensive safety checks and maintenance services ensure your systems are in top condition, identifying and addressing potential issues before they become serious problems.

Furnace Installation and Repair

A properly functioning furnace is essential for keeping your home comfortable and warm. Our team specializes in both the installation of new furnaces and the repair of existing units. We work with you to determine the best heating solutions for your home, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability.

Boiler Services

Boilers are a central part of many home heating systems. We offer comprehensive boiler services, including installation, maintenance, and repair. Whether you're facing issues with your current boiler or considering an upgrade, our experts can provide guidance and high-quality service to ensure your home's heating is seamless and effective.

Gas Appliance Installation and Repair

Gas appliances, such as stoves, ovens, and fireplaces, offer efficiency and convenience. Our certified gas fitters are skilled in the safe installation and repair of a variety of gas appliances. We ensure that every installation complies with safety standards and regulations, providing peace of mind and enhancing the functionality of your home.

At John The Plumber, we’re committed to providing Scarborough residents with reliable, safe, and efficient heating and gas services. Our certified professionals are here to ensure your comfort and safety, offering expert advice, high-quality installations, and timely repairs for all your heating and gas needs. Trust us to keep your home warm and your gas appliances functioning perfectly, all year round.

Water Quality Services

Ensuring access to clean, safe water is a fundamental concern for any household. At John The Plumber in Scarborough, we specialize in water quality services designed to enhance your home’s water supply through advanced purification and treatment solutions. Our team of experts is equipped to install, maintain, and repair a range of systems that improve water taste, clarity, and safety, addressing hard water issues and removing contaminants. Here’s how we can help improve your home’s water quality:

Water Filtration Systems

Clean water is essential for drinking, cooking, and daily household use. Our water filtration systems are designed to remove contaminants and impurities from your water supply, including chlorine, lead, and other harmful substances. We offer a variety of filtration options, from whole-house systems that treat water at its point of entry to specific under-sink filters for targeted purification. Our team will help you choose the best system for your needs, ensuring you have access to pure, clean water throughout your home.

Water Softener System

Hard water, rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, can cause a range of issues in your home, from scale buildup in pipes and appliances to dry skin and hair. Our water softener systems are designed to remove these minerals, softening your water and preventing the problems associated with hard water. By installing a water softener, you'll extend the lifespan of your plumbing and appliances, improve water quality for bathing and laundry, and reduce soap usage and energy consumption.

Water Quality Testing

Understanding the quality of your water is the first step in addressing any issues. We offer comprehensive water quality testing services to assess the condition of your water supply. Our tests identify various contaminants and imbalances, providing the information needed to recommend the most effective treatment solutions. Whether you're concerned about hardness, pH levels, or specific contaminants, our water quality testing gives you peace of mind and a clear path to better water.

At John The Plumber, we’re committed to providing Scarborough residents with the highest quality water possible. Our water quality services, including filtration systems, water softeners, and testing, are designed to ensure your family has access to safe, clean, and soft water for all your needs. Trust our experts to guide you through the options and install the perfect solutions for your home, enhancing your water quality and your quality of life.

Servicing All of Scarborough

Your Neighbourhood Plumbing Experts

At John The Plumber, we extend our expertise beyond traditional residential plumbing services, to include comprehensive heating and gas services for Scarborough residents. Understanding the importance of a safe and efficient heating system, especially during the colder months, our certified professionals are equipped to handle a wide range of heating and gas fitting needs. From installations and maintenance to repairs and safety checks, we ensure your home stays warm and your gas appliances operate safely and efficiently. Here’s an overview of the heating and gas services we offer:

At John The Plumber, we take pride in serving the entire Scarborough community with unparalleled plumbing services. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to ensure every corner of Scarborough benefits from our professional, reliable, and timely plumbing solutions.

From the bustling streets of downtown to the serene suburbs, our team of certified plumbers is always ready to respond to your needs, ensuring your plumbing system functions flawlessly. Below is a comprehensive list of neighbourhoods and areas within Scarborough where our services are readily available.

Whether you’re facing an emergency plumbing situation, planning a major renovation, or simply in need of routine maintenance, John The Plumber is your local go-to provider, dedicated to serving our community with integrity, quality, and professionalism.
Steeles • L’Amoreaux • Agincourt • Dorset Park • Wexford/Maryvale • Golden Mile • Clairlea/Clairlea-Birchmount • Oakridge • Birchcliffe-Cliffside • Birch Cliff • Eglinton East • Scarborough Junction • Scarborough Village • Bendale • Agincourt North • Malvern • Malvern West • Dean Park • Rouge • West Rouge • Highland Creek • Port Union • Hillside • West Hill

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Real Stories from Satisfied Customers

Why Scarborough Trusts John The Plumber

“I had a very good experience with John the Plumber! Michael was extremely courteous and responsive, and very professional in helping me with my clogged kitchen sink. Would definitely hire him again!”
“No fuss, no muss, everything done as promised with outstanding results. Courteous, friendly and no hesitation answering a question. We are thrilled to have found the John the plumber outfit.”
“Michael was outstanding! He provided thorough explanations, ensuring I fully understood my options. Impressively, he completed everything in one session (despite concerns about potentially needing to order parts). He even arrived earlier than anticipated, after confirming it was convenient for me. I'm not familiar with typical costs of toilet repairs, but given the extent of the damage to the unit, I believe the price was very reasonable.His efficiency and thoroughness were very appreciated. Thank you so much, John The Plumber and Michael!!”
“I contacted JTP after discovering a constant leaking on my shower faucet. They were very quick to respond to my request and send Michael K. over to help the very next day. He was very thorough in explaining not only the cause of the issue but also how the whole mechanism works. He quickly identified the parts needed for repair with only a few questions like the age of the building and the brand of the faucet fix the issue instantly. I can now sleep peacefully without hearing a constant tiny waterfall from my bathroom.”
“Michael arrived right on the time at the beginning of the appointment. Did an excellent job changing the water filler valve of my toilet. Explained what needed to be done and although this job was a little tougher than usual, proceeded to complete it quickly and professionally. Would recommend using again but also hope nothing goes wrong too soon :)”

Expert Plumbing Services FAQ

Your Trusted Scarborough Plumbers for Residential & Commercial Needs

What kinds of plumbing jobs do you handle?

Our team of professional plumbers is equipped to handle a wide range of plumbing jobs, both big and small. This includes everything from fixing a clogged drain to installing new plumbing in a residential or commercial building. No job is too complex for our expertly trained technicians.

Do you offer commercial plumbing services?

Absolutely! We specialize in both residential and commercial plumbing services. Our licensed plumbers have the expertise and equipment to handle the unique challenges of commercial plumbing systems, ensuring your business experiences minimal disruption.

Do you provide services for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, we are fully equipped to provide plumbing services for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re a homeowner facing a plumbing issue or a business in need of regular plumbing maintenance, our team is here to help.

Are your plumbers licensed?

Yes, all of our plumbers are licensed professionals. Being licensed means that our plumbers have met the necessary training and qualifications required in the plumbing industry, ensuring high-quality service for all our customers.

How do you ensure great customer service?

Great customer service is at the heart of what we do. We ensure customer satisfaction by being prompt, professional, and transparent in our communications. Our team listens to your concerns, offers clear explanations of the work needed, and respects your home or business property throughout the service.

Are you available for plumbing emergencies?

Yes, we understand that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we offer emergency plumbing services. Whether it’s a broken sump pump or a sudden leak, our team is ready to assist you 24/7 to ensure your plumbing emergency is addressed promptly.

Are you experienced with clogged drains?

Yes, clogged drains are a common issue we deal with. Our plumbers use the latest techniques and tools to effectively clear clogged drains, ensuring your plumbing system operates smoothly. We offer comprehensive drain services, from clearing simple blockages to addressing more complex drainage issues.

Can you install or repair water heaters?

Yes, we have extensive experience with water heaters, including installation, maintenance, and repair. Whether you have a traditional tank water heater or a more modern tankless system, our team can ensure it operates efficiently and safely.

Why should I choose your plumbing company?

Choosing John The Plumber means opting for a team of professional plumbers who are not only deeply knowledgeable about the plumbing industry but also committed to providing great customer service. As local plumbers serving the Scarborough area, we pride ourselves on our reliability, efficiency, and the quality of our work. Our goal is to resolve your plumbing problems with minimal hassle to you.

What sets you apart from other Scarborough plumbers?

Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the Scarborough area. With our expertly trained technicians, we tackle plumbing issues efficiently and effectively, ensuring our clients receive the best possible service. Plus, our comprehensive range of services means we’re your one-stop shop for all your plumbing needs.