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Should you repair your toilet or choose a toilet replacement instead?

It’s not always crystal clear, but if you’re on the fence, one of our licensed Ottawa plumbers will be happy to help.

Our experts are well-trained and experienced in toilet repairs. Whether it’s an easy repair or you’ve got major problems, we’ll get you fixed up and flushing in no time!

Give us a call, and we’ll get your toilet fixed up in no time!

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Ottawa Toilet Repair Services

Flush Valve Replacement

Fill Valve Replacement

Tank-to-Bowl Kit

Flapper Replacement

Clogged Toilet

Toilet Leak Repair

Flange Repair and Replacement

Toilet Replacement

Signs Your Toilet Needs a Repair

You may require a plumbing service if you’re experiencing some of these common issues:

The toilet is constantly running

Leaking water from the drain, and puddles in the surrounding areas

Leaking toilet tank

Odd noises

Weak flush and toilet clogs

Low water level

Toilet wobbles

Constant toilet trouble

Common Causes of Toilet Problems

While some toilet problems are unique, most issues stem from one of these common causes:

Old flapper can't keep a seal

Something is stuck in the toilet or drain

Old washer bolts are causing water to leak

Damage to the tank

Cracked toilet bowl

The refill tube is positioned incorrectly

Faulty vent

A clog down the sewer line

The toilet isn't tightened to the ground properly

The fill valve may be old or faulty or need to be cleaned

Debris in the hardware


Loose bolts

Loose water supply connection

Too much slack in the chain

Incorrectly adjusted water level

The supply valve is loose or you need a supply valve replacement

How Much Should a Toilet Repair Cost?

Like every plumbing service, the cost of a toilet repair depends on a number of variables.

Are you buying the part and doing the repair yourself?

Are you hiring an experienced and licensed plumber or are you hiring a handyman?

Is the repair being bundled in with other services while the plumber is there?

What is the cause of the issues, and what needs to be done?

Are the replacement parts standard, or will unusual parts be required? Are they readily available?

toilet repair cost

As you can see, there are many variables that must be factored into the cost of the repair. The way we work is we will send a plumber to your home to inspect and diagnose the issues and provide you with an upfront price upon seeing what is needed. This way, you can expect a bill that accurately represents what you agreed to with the plumber.

Ultimately, if you’re hiring a licensed and insured Ottawa plumber, you should expect to pay at least $150-$200, but depending on the situation, it can be much higher than that. With the costs of materials, gas, and everything else increasing so fast and dramatically, we can expect that prices may increase in Ottawa for all services.

Can I repair a toilet myself or should I hire John The Plumber?

Whether or not you should repair your toilet yourself or have an expert, like John The Plumber, depends on your competencies and budget.

We have a biased opinion, as we have seen many DIYers do more harm than good when it comes to plumbing, but that’s only because we get called to fix it afterward. We don’t hear about all of the success stories.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you feel comfortable with your own toilet repair.

If you choose to repair your toilet or do toilet replacements yourself, we encourage you to spend some time learning online and be extremely careful. All it takes is one mistake to cause thousands of dollars in water damage.

Can I repair a toilet myself

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Jonathan provided extremely friendly, expedient and thorough service on a leaking toilet issue we had. From calling the company to having the issue assessed, quoted and swiftly fixed, the timeline was less than 24 hours. We have used this company before and will continue using them because of the wonderful skills and kindly demeanour their plumbers show up with. Thanks, guys.

Hope, Ottawa, ON

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First time using John the plumber. Alex was on time and an absolute pleasure to deal with. We weren’t sure if we had a toilet or shower leak. Alex took his time and looked into both…it was the toilet!! Alex was thorough in looking into all and reinstalled the toilet. We will definitely use John the plumber again and will be requesting Alex!! Thank you for the great service, Alex.

Sharon, Ottawa, ON

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I wasn’t expecting to have to fix my toilet right after moving into my new place. Luckily, John The Plumber was on hand to guide me through the process with their friendly, professional, efficient service. Thomas was amazing from the get-go. Not only was he quick, he was polite, and managed to deal with whatever challenges my bathroom posed head-on. I highly recommend using John the Plumber for your emergency and/or renovation needs!

Paul, Ottawa, ON

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Bill at John the Plumber was a courteous and very helpful fellow who managed to help our household out when our only toilet was out of commission. His time, energy and expertise are most sincerely appreciated! A+ service!

Academic Mentor, Ottawa, ON

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I called John The Plumber to help with a loose toilet. Bill was friendly and explained the problem and what he was doing every step of the way. The job was done quickly and skillfully. I’ll definitely be calling again should any future plumbing issues arise.

Jeryn, Ottawa, ON

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