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We’re lucky in Ottawa that we have public water that is safe to drink. But what’s considered safe today might not be considered safe tomorrow.

In fact, it’s the treatments in the public water supply that worry many Ottawa residents. Regardless on your stance, there’s no question that pure water tastes better.

If you want to learn about how a reverse osmosis water filter system may help you and your family enjoy better, safer water, click the buttons below to call John The Plumber today!

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What is a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

A reverse osmosis system is a special water filter that can catch all sorts of particles that are too small for other types of water filtration.

Using these fine filters, reverse osmosis systems can filter out dirt, silt, clay, iron, chlorine, salt, manganese, fluoride, lead, calcium, and even bacteria and viruses!

A reverse osmosis filtration system is designed to improve your water quality so you and your family can enjoy safe, healthy drinking water without filling up landfills.

Best of all, a reverse osmosis system is very easy and affordable to maintain, so you can drink filtered water without hassle or breaking the bank!

How Can John The Plumber Help?

Water Testing

At John The Plumber, our plumbers come equipped to test your water on-site. Our Ottawa plumbers will show you what they’re doing and testing for so you can better understand why a reverse osmosis system might be right for you.

John The Plumber is a no-pressure plumbing company. We don’t believe in selling people products or services they don’t need, as we don’t believe this is the key to success.

So, when John The Plumber is on-site, you can trust that your professional plumber intends to educate you so you can make a good decision – rather than be sold a product you don’t need.

John The Plumber has been very lucky in Ottawa. And as such, we want to help Ottawa residents get purified water affordably.

That’s why we launched our water treatment rentals program. Now you can get water treatment rentals in Ottawa for monthly payments that you can afford.

Click the link above to find out more about our rent-to-own reverse osmosis filter program!

If you want a truly hassle-free experience, John The Plumber delivers.

A reverse osmosis system requires filter replacements every now and again. If you want, John The Plumber can handle your filter swaps so you don’t have to.

We’ll call you when it’s time and schedule a water filter swap so you can continue enjoying purified water without any hassle.

At John The Plumber, we’re happy to install a reverse osmosis system you purchased on your own… But we’re also happy to make the transaction super easy by supplying it for you!

We can help you find the perfect reverse osmosis filter for your home and get you the filtered water you want!

Why Choose JTP For Reverse Osmosis Water Filters?

We're Known As The Best Plumbers in Ottawa

John The Plumber is the best plumbing company in Ottawa because he’s been lucky enough to hire the best plumbers in Ottawa.

We’ve fine-tuned our level of service over almost twenty years of trial and error until we’ve arrived where we are… And we’re still learning!

One of the most important reasons we have excelled to this level is that we listen to customer feedback and incorporate good suggestions into our service delivery.

As such, you can expect some of the best plumbing services in Ottawa if you hire John The Plumber for your reverse osmosis system installation!

We've Served Ottawa Since 2006

Almost everyone knows John The Plumber because he’s offered world-class service to Ottawa homeowners since 2006!

If you want a company with a great reputation and who isn’t going to give you the run around, call John The Plumber!

After all, you can’t succeed for almost twenty years if your customers don’t like your services!

We Offer The Best Warranty on Plumbing in Ottawa

Isn’t peace of mind nice?

If you purchase your reverse osmosis system through John The Plumber, you’ll have peace of mind for years!

John The Plumber offers the best warranty on plumbing in Ottawa, including our supplied RO systems!

If you buy a reverse osmosis system through us, you’ll be covered for at least two years!

Our Plumbers Are Fast, Friendly, and Local

Some of our biggest competitors are national or international plumbing companies.

It’s not easy to compete with these behemoths, but we’ve made sure we have at least a few competitive advantages.

At John The Plumber, we’re known for our fast, same-day plumbing services. We’re available on evenings and weekends to ensure our customers get the plumbing service they need.

As a result, you can expert to get your reverse osmosis system installation, repair, or maintenance services when you need them!

Best of all, your plumber will be friendly and happy to help!

Choose John The Plumber if you want excellent plumbing services done by local plumbers!

We Make Plumbing Easy

At John The Plumber, we believe in educating our customers.

We want to help our customers get the most out of their plumbing system without creating any problems.

This helps homeowners manage their own plumbing maintenance easily and without consequence.

But if you’d rather us take care of everything, we’re happy to do that too!

Whether you’re hiring us for a reverse osmosis point-of-use water filter system or any other plumbing services, you can always expect that the process will be easy if you call us!

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