Sewer Pump Service and Repair

A properly working sewage pump will go unnoticed for years. But the second that sewer pump stops working, you will begin to understand the importance of this plumbing fixture. A blocked sewage pump will reveal itself in your basement bathtub, your floor drain, or your basement toilet. Having a regular sewer pump service can prevent damage to your Ottawa home. If your sewage pump isn’t running, you will be dealing with a messy sewer pump service call. You really don’t want a blocked sewer pump.

We offer the best warranty in the business on sewage pump installation. Our sewer pump installation is of the highest quality. We will ensure that your sewage ejecter talk is installed to the standards of the Ontario building code. All sewage pit, sewer pump, or sewage pump installation will also include a tri-check valve.

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If you have any questions about your sewage tank, give us a call today at 613-227-7465. Our team of licensed Ottawa plumbers will ensure a positive experience.