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Tankless Water Heaters have grown in popularity. But in Ottawa, not many Tankless Water Heater Repair Services are available. When you need a Tankless Water Heater Repair, you want a local plumber who knows what he’s doing. You want John The Plumber. Our expert plumbers are trained to handle all tankless water heater and on-demand water heater troubles. We come equipped and ready to get your hot water running, and we can fix it fast.

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Common Tankless Water Heater Problems

Tankless Water Heaters (aka On-Demand Water Heaters) last far longer than Hot Water Tanks. Many Tankless Water Heaters run smoothly for over 20 years. But when your Tankless Water Heater is malfunctioning or running inefficiently, it’s likely one of these common problems with Tankless Water Heaters.

No Hot Water

No hot water often relates to flame failure, issues with ignition, or problems with the electronics. Your water heater may not be receiving electricity or gas. If your water heater is properly supplied with electricity and gas, your burner or flame rods may need service.

Fluctuation Water Temperature

Obstructions in your plumbing system can cause water temperature fluctuations, but plumbing crossovers and issues with water pressure may also lead to inconsistent water temperature.

Low Water Pressure

Obstructions in the plumbing can cause low water pressure, but it can also be caused by too many things drawing hot water. You may need to upgrade your Tankless Water Heater or add a unit.

Mineral Build-Up

In Ottawa, we are lucky to enjoy some of the cleanest drinking water in the world. The central water supply is very soft at 30mg/L. This means that there are very few minerals in our tap water. But little or not, there are still some minerals in the water. Over time, calcium and magnesium can build up in your Tankless Water Heater and cause it to run less efficiently, and cause premature wear and tear.

Furthermore, if your home’s water is supplied by a well, it’s far more likely to have harder water. Hard water will cause faster mineral buildup, and cause more strain on your water heater.

It’s recommended that you flush your water heater every six months to a year, whether it’s a Tankless heater system or a hot water tank.

Tankless Water Heater Overload

Tankless water heaters are designed to provide a specific output of hot water. If you are demanding too much of your water heater, it may shut down the tankless water heater system. If your Tankless Water Heater frequently overloads, you should consider upgrading to a Tankless Water Heater with a higher capacity or adding a unit.

Improper Installation

As with all things, failure during installation can lead to serious issues. Always call a dependable plumber who has a proven track record. Finding a deal on Kijiji can lead to expensive problems.

Water is Too Hot

Water that is too hot is often simply that the temperature is set too high. But it could also be related to obstructions in the plumbing. Sediment buildup may contribute to water temperature issues. If it’s neither of these issues, the issue may have to do with a faulty temperature sensor.

Excessive Noise

If your Tankless Water Heater is too noisy, it could be a problem with the fan. Check the fan for debris. A loud water heater may also have to do with airflow or irregular gas combustion.

Water Isn’t Hot Enough

If your water isn’t hot enough, the temperature has likely been set too low. Increasing the temperature to 125°F or higher should fix the problem of water not being hot. Sometimes, the issue has to do with water flow, a plumbing crossover, the venting system, or sediment buildup.


Tankless Water Heaters are less prone to corrosion than hot water tanks, but corrosion can still happen. Condensation can lead to rust, as well as improperly installed heat exchangers. Once your machine begins to rust, it can lead to more issues and the computer can shut down the system.

Vent and Heat Exhaust

Tankless Heaters must maintain an external and internal temperature to prevent danger and shutdown. If your Tankless Water Heater is improperly vented or is experiencing a vent blockage, the machine may shut down. If your Tankless Water Heater has a vent blockage, it may also experience issues with combustion. We can inspect your venting to ensure all pipes are connected properly and free of any damage that may compromise your water heater.

Ignition Failure

Natural gas tankless water heaters and Propane tankless water heaters require a gas supply. If a gas valve isn’t opened properly or is broken, your water heater may not work. If your gas supply is okay and your tankless water heater is failing to ignite, you may have a bigger problem.

Flame Failure

Flame failure can be caused by issues with gas pressure or issues with the electronics.

John The Plumber Can Help

Tankless Water Heaters are becoming more popular for good reason. Over their lifetime, they are more economic and friendly to the environment. But like most new technology, they use a variety of sensors and electronics. As they’ve become more advanced, they’ve become more difficult to repair.

You want a Tankless Water Heater expert. Many plumbers haven’t much experience with On-Demand Hot Water Heaters or Tankless Water Heaters. They don’t understand the complications or the things that can and do go wrong, and they don’t know how to fix it.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

When You Call John The Plumber, You Can Expect:

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John The Plumber has been serving Ottawa since 2006. We’ve earned a reputation for honest billing and efficient services. We do everything that we can to satisfy our customer’s needs and provide them with prompt services. We believe that once you choose John The Plumber, you’ll become a customer for life. Read below for some reviews and testimonials!

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Reviews and Testimonials

google 5 star plumber reviews

I had a weekend plumbing emergency with our hot water tank. They sent Brent right away who got us sorted quickly. He was friendly and professional. I will call them again for sure.

Review from P L

google 5 star plumber reviews

Jonathan installed a new Hot water Heater and changed out our Laundry tub. Job well done . He was courteous , helpful and very efficient .

Review from Marg

google 5 star plumber reviews

My old hot water tank failed over the weekend. I called John The Plumber Monday morning and they had someone at my home the same afternoon installing a new tank. Installers were good people, professional and efficient. The quick response is very much appreciated. Thank you John The Plumber for the excellent service.

Review from Marc

google 5 star plumber reviews

Brent provided excellent service. He was able to fix my hot water tank the same day. He was polite and professional with excellent quality of work. I highly recommend Brent (John the Plumber).

Review from Patricia

google 5 star plumber reviews

We had David come and help us out with a hot water blockage. He was very kind and professional and was very good at explaining what the issue was. Would certainly recommend!

Review from Mathieu

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Tankless Water Heater Tips

Consider the size of your home and your hot water needs before buying. Tankless Water Heaters come with varying hot water outputs. You want to make sure that your water heater can meet the needs of your home.
Remember that some Tankless Water Heaters are more efficient than others. When shopping for a Tankless Water Heater, be mindful of the energy needs of the unit to ensure economic use.
Before upgrading to a Tankless Water Heater, remember that your tankless water heater will require consistent electricity. Standard Hot Water Tanks store hot water, so if your power runs out you may continue to use hot water until you deplete your hot water store. If your power runs out with a tankless water heater, you will be without hot water until the electricity returns.
Tankless Water Heater Tips
Insulating the pipes on your heating system can increase your Water Heater’s efficiency.
Remember to maintain your Tankless Water Heater. Flush your system once or twice a year, and change the filters when needed.
If your tankless water heater is starting to show signs of issues, talk to one of our lease tankless water heater specialists to find out how we can get you a tankless water heater replacement at a monthly rate you can afford!
If needed, install a water softener. Hard Water will shorten your Tankless Heater lifespan.
When choosing a plumber to repair your tankless water heater, choose a local plumber who has a proven track record. Tankless water heaters are less popular than hot water tanks, so many plumbers lack experience with these devices.

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