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What's the deal with smart systems in plumbing?

Smart systems, particularly in the realm of plumbing and home automation, offer a range of benefits to homeowners

Efficiency & Savings: Smart systems can detect and adjust to usage patterns, potentially reducing water and energy consumption, which can lead to lower utility bills.

Convenience: Automated systems, voice commands, or app controls mean you don’t have to manually adjust settings, making daily tasks easier and more streamlined.

Real-time Monitoring: Smart plumbing systems can continuously monitor water usage, detect potential leaks, and sometimes even shut off water in case of a detected breach, minimizing potential water damage.

Safety: With features like automated shut-offs for gas or water, smart systems can prevent potential hazards before they become major problems.

Remote Access & Control: Many smart systems allow homeowners to monitor and control systems remotely from their smartphones or computers, offering peace of mind when away from home.

What Do We Have To Offer You

Customization: Smart systems can often be tailored to the specific preferences and needs of the homeowner, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

Environmentally Friendly: By optimizing water and energy consumption, smart systems contribute to a reduced ecological footprint.

Property Value: Installing smart systems can potentially increase the value of a property, making it an attractive investment for future buyers interested in modern amenities

Our Smart Plumbing Services in Ottawa

Automated Leak Detection

Water leaks can be silent devastators. They might start small but can lead to significant damage if left unaddressed.

This is where our Automated Leak Detection steps in.

Early Detection: Before visible signs appear or damage starts, our system alerts you, allowing for prompt action.

Prevention of Major Damage: By catching leaks early, you avoid potential structural damage, mold growth, and expensive repairs.

Water Conservation: Every drop counts. By identifying and addressing unseen leaks, you’re not just saving on your bills but also conserving a precious resource.

Smart Faucets & Fixture installation

Modern homes require modern solutions. Our smart faucets and fixtures blend aesthetics with functionality, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Motion Detection: Forget about manually turning knobs. With motion sensors, the faucet activates when your hands approach, ensuring a hands-free and hygienic experience.

Water Conservation: These faucets intelligently control water flow, reducing wastage without compromising on performance.

Voice Control: Need a specific water temperature or flow? Just ask. Integrated voice control lets you operate your faucets hands-free, perfect for multitasking.

Aesthetic Appeal: Modern design meets functionality, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home.

Smart Water Heaters

Traditional water heaters can be energy hogs, often heating water when it’s not needed. Our intelligent water heaters redefine efficiency.

Adaptive Learning: These heaters learn your usage patterns over time, ensuring hot water is ready exactly when you need it without wasting energy.

Energy Efficiency: By optimizing when and how water is heated, these systems can offer substantial savings on energy bills.

Consistent Heating: No more sudden cold shocks in the shower. Intelligent water heaters maintain consistent water temperatures for your comfort.

Remote Monitoring & Control: Using a smartphone app, you can monitor, adjust, and even schedule heating cycles no matter where you are

Smart Water Heaters

Our Ottawa Smart Plumbing Service Area

We proudly serve the following Ottawa neighbourhoods:

Ottawa • Ottawa Downtown • Kanata • Barrhaven • Nepean • Orleans • Stittsville • Alta Vista • Bells Corners • Blackburn Hamlet • Carp • Centre Town • Findlay Creek • Glen Cairn • Greely • Hawthorne Park • Kars • Manotick • Metcalfe • Osgoode • Richmond • Sandy Hill • The Glebe and BEYOND!

Looking for something closer to home? We also have:

Plumbers in StittsvillePlumbers in OrleansPlumbers in BarrhavenPlumbers in KanataPlumbers in Ottawa WestPlumbers in Nepeanand more!

Our Smart Plumbing Guarantee

Offering the best warranty in Ottawa, rest easy knowing our smart plumbing installations come with a solid 2-year warranty on parts and labour. For drain cleaning and clogs, we ensure a reliable one-month guarantee.

Why Choose John The Plumber For Smart Plumbing?

When it comes to plumbing, John The Plumber isn’t just another name. Our legacy lies in our dedication, expertise, and our pledge to quality.

Decades of Experience

We’ve been the backbone of Ottawa’s plumbing landscape, ensuring homes and businesses run smoothly.

Licensed Professionals

Our team consists of fully licensed plumbers, offering both knowledge and peace of mind.

Personalized Solutions

Every home is unique. We provide tailored solutions ensuring your plumbing needs are met.

Choose John The Plumber For Smart Plumbing

What Do Other Ottawa Residents Say About Us?

google 5 star plumber reviews

Recently renovated a kitchen in an older condo building.  Called on John The Plumber to install new sink, faucet and dish washer.

Greg (the plumber) did all the work.  It was a lengthy task since this was in an older building.  Greg worked cleanly, competently and in good spirit. I am very pleased with the final result and would certainly recommend Greg and John The Plumber to anyone.

A well deserved 5 stars +.

Gilles Lafleche

google 5 star plumber reviews

I’ve had a pleasant experience with John the Plumber (dispatcher – Debbie, plumber – Mukaley, aide – Alex, quality assurance – Sherrie). Debbie was friendly and always ready to help, e.g., immediately answering my calls, providing correct ETA.  Mukaley did a clean, neat, and prompt job.

Important: the newly installed tank is indeed new, manufactured two months ago.

As of now, we plan to go to John the Plumber if/when we should use plumbers.

Marina Sokolova

google 5 star plumber reviews

Excellent service from the two plumbers who showed up for my job. I think they were both named Eric. They were on time, removed my old toilet, installed the new one and left the place clean and free of debris/packaging. Very impressed.

James Dalgarno

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