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The most important thing you can do to avoid an expensive furnace repair, is proper furnace maintenance.

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Furnace Maintenance Services in Ottawa

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Before the cold season comes in, it’s important to schedule an annual furnace cleaning!

All year long, dust, dirt, soot, and other matter have accumulated in your furnace. Leaving it in the furnace while operating it is going to age your furnace prematurely, and prevent it from working as efficiently.

If you want your furnace to last a long time and work properly, an annual furnace cleaning is a must!

Thermostat Inspection

There are many indicators that your thermostat is bad. Perhaps your HVAC system keeps turning on or off, your utility bills are higher than normal, or the temperature just won’t stay where you want it.

There are a number of things that will be affected by a faulty thermostat.

During an annual furnace inspection, our technician will inspect your thermostat and test to ensure proper function and that there are no issues to worry about.

Filter Inspection

While replacing the filter, it’s important to inspect the old filter for any signs of issues that may otherwise be easily missed, like a buildup of soot in the filter.

Heat Exchanger Inspection

Our licensed technician will check your furnace heat exchanger for damage or leaks. Due to the variation in furnaces and heat exchangers, a heat exchanger inspection can be challenging. It’s important to have a trusted technician check your heat system.

Flue and Draft Diverter Inspection

Your draft diverter plays an integral role in the proper function of your furnace. It regulates the airflow in and out of the burner.

Without your flue and draft diverter operating properly, heat regulation and proper furnace function are going to be out of control.

While our licensed furnace technician runs his annual furnace inspection, he will be sure to run a flue and draft diverter inspection to ensure your furnace system is functioning as it should.

Fan Control Inspection

Fan controls and a fan limit switch are the thing in your furnace system that triggers the furnace blower assembly to turn on or off. Our furnace expert will check the fan control and ensure the fan limit switch is in good working order or needs to be replaced.

Gas Pressure Inspection

One of the most important things for a furnace to work efficiently is proper gas pressure. If your gas pressure is too low, your furnace will run less efficiently and you may experience more condensation on the burners. This can lead to many other issues with your furnace, beyond gas pressure.

It’s important to have expert technicians check the gas pressure while inspecting your unit, to ensure that you have no issue with the gas pressure or supply.

Wiring Inspection

Loose wires or wires that come into contact with the furnace’s wireframe can cause a ton of problems with your furnace. Over time, the vibration of the furnace operating can cause the wires to loosen and cause a short. If this happens, your furnace is going to stop working and you’ll have no idea why.

To avoid repairs, our professional technician will inspect the wiring and fuses, confirming that you shouldn’t have any furnace issues in the foreseeable future.

Voltage and Amperage Inspection

Correctly measuring and understanding the voltage and amperage in a furnace is an important part of HVAC system maintenance. Low voltage can indicate issues with transformers, wires, and other electrical components.

We want to make sure that your wiring and components are working and getting what they need, and that no furnace repair is required!

Air Flow Inspection

If you’re experiencing low airflow, your furnace may be struggling to move air. An airflow rate inspection in your air ducts and HVAC system can help determine if there is an issue in your heating and cooling systems.

There are a number of things that can affect the airflow in your furnace system. If you’re experiencing an airflow issue, we recommend checking the air filter before anything else!

For everything else, call John The Plumber for a licensed gas technician to investigate your airflow issues.

Most furnaces should be cleaned annually. After a season, particles can build up in your natural gas furnace which lowers efficiency, shortens the life of the unit, and can sometimes present dangerous situations.

Burner and pilot cleaning is a part of our annual maintenance HVAC services!

If your gas pressure isn’t where it should be, your furnace is going to struggle and it won’t work efficiently.

Adjusting the gas pressure as needed for smooth operation can help with utility bills and prolong the life of your furnace.

Safety controls ensure that your furnace doesn’t overheat and damage the heat exchanger. When the safety controls aren’t working properly, your furnace is at risk of overheating, shortening of furnace lifespan, expensive repairs, and worse.

It’s important to have expert technicians who inspect all your furnace for all the safety features and ensure that you and your family are safe.

If it’s time for an upgrade or a furnace replacement, John The Plumber can help!

Our technician will discuss your home, your needs, available options and considerations to find you the perfect furnace.

We can supply and install the furnace you choose or install a furnace you’ve already purchased.

Whatever you need, John The Plumber is here to help!

A furnace tune-up encompasses everything that goes into ensuring your furnace will work correctly and efficiently for as long as possible!

Tuning up a furnace is important for longevity, safety, clean air, proper airflow, energy efficiency, and protecting your warranty.

All furnace manufacturers recommend annual maintenance by qualified technicians, and a tune-up is a big part of annual maintenance!

Some of these tasks include:

Furnace Test and Safety Controls Test

Furnace safety switches save lives.

When you’re dealing with gas, flames, and combustion, it’s important to be protected in case something goes wrong.

Your furnace is equipped with multiple safety switches that will shut down the furnace if an issue is detected.

But, like all technology, things can sometimes go wrong and it’s important to test the equipment to ensure that you, your family, and your home are protected!

Cleaning Coils, Burners, and other Furnace Components

Dirty burners, coils, and other components can prevent your furnace from heating properly and efficiently, or from working altogether.

These components are on the inside of the furnace and are exposed to various particles that can build up and inhibit the performance and function of your furnace.

It’s advised to have a professional and certified technician clean the components of your furnace, as improper cleaning techniques may cause issues or damage.

Cleaning and Lubricating Furnace Parts as necessary

Your furnace is a well-oiled machine! At least, it should be!

If you fail to lubricate the components properly, your machine can stop working and seize – which will be far more expensive to fix than proper maintenance!

A certified technician knows the components that require lubrication, the proper techniques to lubricate, and the adequate amount of lubrication.

We’re happy to help!

Adjusting and Repairing Electrical Components

Your furnace is made up of various components, including many electronic devices.

Over time, these electrical components may need adjustments to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit, while mitigating fuel waste.

Some of the electrical components include furnace breakers, transformers, elements, sequencer, thermal disc limit, blower motor and wheel, and the fan relay.

Whatever component requires an adjustment, have a licensed technician do the work to ensure your safety and the longevity of your furnace.

Call John The Plumber!

Inspection of Furnace Combustion

Inspecting the combustion of your furnace can help a technician deduce what issues your furnace might be experiencing.

Perhaps there is an issue with the gas supply or venting.

Whatever the case, a certified technician will use what they see to identify problems and possible solutions.

Air/Fuel Ration Adjustment

Periodic inspections and adjustments of the ratios of air and fuel are among the most effective ways to maximize the efficiency of your furnace and reduce wastage.

Making the proper adjustments can sometimes even help with utility bills.

Soot Removal From Furnace Burners

If your furnace isn’t properly maintained, black soot can build up inside the furnace. This soot should be removed every year, or even twice a year.

If soot builds up, it reduces the efficiency of your furnace, raises the cost of operation, and increases the risk of a fire.

Heat Exchanger Inspection

A heat exchanger should last many years. But, due to the nature of furnaces and how they work, they’re not going to last forever.

As the metal expands and cools over years of usage, the metal may begin to crack and break. When this happens, it can create a dangerous situation in your home and it needs to be fixed immediately.

Some signs of an issue with the heat exchanger are a change in the flame colour, soot buildup, discoloration in metal, carbon monoxide in your home, strong odours, condensation, and much more.

If you suspect your heat exchanger is compromised, call John The Plumber immediately.

Condenser Fan Motor Capacitor Test

Without the capacitor, your furnace won’t be able to work properly.

The purpose of the capacitor is to help with the startup of the condenser fan. Without the condenser fan, air won’t be moved through the heat exchanger, and your home is going to be cold!

It’s important to test this capacitor regularly as a part of good furnace maintenance.

Air Filter Replacement

Replacing your furnace filter as recommended has many benefits. Not only does it remove dust, dirt, mold spores, soot, bacteria, and allergens to improve air quality, but an air filter also keeps particles out of your heating system. This will protect your furnace from unnecessary wear and tear and keep the system running efficiently, and it will prolong the life of your unit, which can prevent furnace repairs.

Voltage Test

A voltage test is to ensure that the electronics and wiring in your furnace and control board are working and in top-top shape.

Tighten and Align Belts and Pulleys

Routinely checking belts and pulleys, and tightening and aligning as needed, is an important part of annual furnace maintenance and preventing an expensive furnace repair service.

If the belts and pulleys aren’t tight or aligned, your heating system won’t work as it should.

And Much More

Checking the calibration on your thermostat should be done once a year. Most often, Ottawa homeowners will check their thermostat in the fall.

Proper calibration helps the sensor correctly read the temperature inside your home. Our furnace technician will calibrate the thermostat so that it can read the temperature of your home correctly, therefore allowing for correct temperature adjustments.

To keep the motor running properly, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for lubrication maintenance.

While some furnaces come with permanent and sealed lubrication, others require annual lubrication. If you fail to lubricate, you risk your furnace running hot, premature wear and tear, and many other issues.

Additionally, over-lubrication can cause other issues that you want to avoid!

When it comes to regular maintenance by a company with a solid reputation, call John The Plumber!

We check the electrical connections to ensure everything is fixed up and attached as it should be. If an electrical connection loosens, there’s a good chance that it won’t function how it should or at all.

Our service technician will adjust your electrical connections as needed to ensure that your HVAC systems work as intended.

During our maintenance inspections, if our furnace technician discovers that you need any furnace repair services, we’re equipped to help!

We’re trained to observe and diagnose anything that can go wrong with a furnace. We will inform you of your options for repair and the severity of the issue so that you can make an educated decision!

What Do Ottawa Residents Think About Our Furnace Maintenance Services?

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Jonathan and Mukaley were very professional. They called to let me know when they would be arriving, worked quickly, efficiently and left everything clean. Also, the price was very reasonable. I will definitely call them for any other plumbing issues in the future!


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Mukaley was very kind and professional in his work. The job was completed efficiently and effectively. I’ve used this company before and they are worth my repeat business.


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Friendly & professional. We’ve been lucky enough to have had 2 great experiences. Mukaley had everything hooked up and ready to go in short order both times. Will definitely use John the Plumber for all our future plumbing needs


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Mukaley was great once again. Always appreciate when he shows up for a job.


What To Expect With A Furnace Maintenance Service

According to these Barrhaven plumbers and heating specialists, annual furnace maintenance and tuneups generally take around an hour to complete.

The first step is to call or schedule service online with our friendly customer service team. They’ll schedule you in at the earliest convenience.

On the day of the scheduled furnace appointment, our service technician will notify you when he’s on the way.

Upon arrival and invitation to get started, our furnace technician will do a safety inspection on your furnace. He’ll provide professional advice on the condition of your furnace and approximately when you may need a new furnace installed.

After that, he’ll get to work on your furnace maintenance, furnace cleaning, and furnace tuneup. He’ll replace the filter, tighten components as needed, clean soot, dust and grime, and a number of other tasks that complete your recommended annual heating services.

Furnace Maintenance

Troubleshooting Your Furnace Issues

Furnace Service FAQ’s

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The easiest way to avoid expensive furnace repairs or emergency furnace replacements is to maintain your heating system as recommended by the manufacturer.

There are several tasks that should be completed each and every year to ensure proper function and heating for many years to come.

Furnace maintenance and tune-ups are necessary if you want to optimize your furnace’s performance and increase the life of the unit.

Proper maintenance can save you thousands of dollars due to more efficient utility usage, longer life of the furnace, and less furnace repair expenses.

Absolutely! Our technicians are licensed gas technicians that have the legal requirements to work on your natural gas and propane furnaces.

We are experienced and licensed to handle all your furnace needs!

Annual furnace maintenance, inspections, and tune-ups take around an hour. Our technicians will take their time to ensure that everything is up to par.

Like any service provider, we’d recommend finding a technician with a reputation for excellent service.

Good reviews are a good indicator that a company goes the extra mile to satisfy its customers.

Brand recognition doesn’t hurt either. It’s difficult to grow a company to being recognizable if you don’t solve your customer’s needs.

Your Furnace Will Last Longer!

Your furnace will last much longer if you routinely maintain your furnace as recommended by the manufacturer.

You'll Prevent Expensive Furnace Replacements and Repairs!

Annual furnace maintenance is the best way to prevent your furnace from breaking down and costly furnace repairs.

Savings on Utility Bills!

Furnace maintenance lowers energy usage and utility costs.

Preventing Voiding Your Furnace Warranty!

Proper maintenance according to manufacturer’s recommendations protects your manufacturer warranty.

Cleaner Air!

If you regularly maintain and clean your furnace, you may notice an improvement in air quality in your home.

Better Warm Airflow!

Your furnace will work better if you maintain it properly, keeping your home warmer and more comfortable.

Detect Gas and Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Furnace maintenance and inspections are often when technicians notice the risk of gas and carbon monoxide leaks.

Peace of Mind Knowing You and Your Furnace Are Safe and in Good Condition!

There are few things better for the mind than knowing that everything is as it should be!

Annual maintenance as needed is good for the home, and it’s good for you!

When you want great service and peace of mind, choose John The Plumber for your furnace maintenance services!

Most manufacturers and furnace experts agree that annual furnace maintenance is the key to a properly functioning furnace.

We recommend scheduling an appointment with our furnace technician at least every autumn.


John The Plumber is a recognized brand in Ottawa. We do everything the right way, so you can trust that our technicians are insured and that you’re protected!

Furnace maintenance will save you tons of money, keep you more comfortable, and reduce danger in your home.

Furnace Tips

Replace the furnace filter according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

So many households leave their furnace filter in for too long.

Replacing your furnace filter as recommended makes your furnace last longer, keeps the air cleaner, and reduces energy costs.

It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to do, and it can have a big impact on your home and wallet.

Unblock and open vents.

Your furnace is designed to heat up your home. Its size was specifically chosen because it can handle the amount of space that it needs to heat.

If you close vents in an unused room, in a way, you’re shrinking the amount of room a furnace needs to heat. As a result, the furnace will heat up the remainder of your home rather quickly and shut off. What often happens in homes with an oversized furnace is the furnace will turn on and off more often, which will increase the cost of your utility bills and shorten the life of your furnace.

Additionally, your ducts are also designed to heat your home adequately. Restricting the airflow will increase the pressure in the vent, which can cause your system to overheat.

Make sure the exhaust outside is clear.

A blocked exhaust may prevent your furnace from heating, but it could also release the fumes back into your home, as these fumes have no where to go!

The last thing any of us want is carbon monoxide filling our home! But, that’s what will happen if you block your furnace exhaust while it’s operating.

To be safe, never block the furnace exhaust outside!

Maintain your furnace according to manufacturer recommendations.

Not all furnaces are the same, and some models may require different maintenance routines than other.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with what needs to be done to improve your air quality and comfort, while saving you money in the longrun!

Don't block the air intake.

Blocking the air return is not good!

With a blocked air intake, your furnace will work harder than it has to. This will shorten the life of your furnace.

But worse, it creates negative air pressure in the furnace, which may suck carbon monoxide back down the flue vent.

Keep the furnace clear.

Proper airflow is critical when it comes to your furnace. As such, you should keep a minimum of three feet of clearance between your furniture and furnace. This clearance also serves to protect your furniture and belongings from heat damage.

Use fans.

Fans are extremely useful in the cold season! Moving the warm air around will spread it evenly through the home, which will increase your overall comfort. If you’re comfortable, you’re less likely to crank up the heat!

Additionally, since warm air rises, ceiling fans can be a powerful tool! Ceiling fans can blow the warm air back down to your level so you can enjoy the heat that your furnace has worked hard to create!

Curtains save money on utility bills.

While the air between the window and curtains may get cold, the curtains restrict airflow and trap the cold air between the window. As a result, you may notice as much as a 10% increase in thermal efficiency.

Clean your air ducts.

With all the air circulation in your home, it doesn’t take long for dust, pet dander, bacteria, mold, and other particles to make their way into your vents.

When these particles are in your air ducts, they are free to blow into the air when your furnace is running, and into your body.

We’d recommend having a professional clean your air ducts every 2 to 3 years!

Financing On Home Appliances?

At John The Plumber, we truly try to do what we can to help our customers out.

Unfortunately, sometimes replacements come unexpectedly.

As such, many Canadians struggle with replacing the appliances they and their families need.

We don’t want to see our neighbours struggle!

For example, we recently launched our Rent hot water tank Program to help our customers get hot water back into their home.

If your furnace is broken, maybe we can help with that, too!

Call us and speak to our rental expert to find out if we have a Rent-To-Own Payment Plan for you!

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