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When you need service on your gas water heater in Ottawa, John The Plumber can help! We offer gas water heater service and repair, and we’re available across the city!

John The Plumber is proudly Ottawa’s #1 Gas Water Heater Installation and Repair experts and we’re available when you need us!

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Our Gas Water Heater Services

Our licensed gas technician will discuss your hot water usage and help you decide on which water heater to choose. From there, we’ll pick it up, deliver it, install the new water heater, hook up the water supply, and dispose of the old water heater.

A licensed gas tech will diagnose your gas heater issue and provide you with options to repair the unit and return the cold water to hot water!

Some common hot water tank repairs include pressure relief valve repair, gas valve repair, gas control valve replacement, broken heating element replacement, pilot light issues, water leaks, anode rod replacements, temperature setting adjustments, and more!

Our licensed gas technicians are available for your emergency plumbing issues when you need us. We’re available sooner than anyone in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

Some common issues with Tankless Water Heaters include cold water, mineral buildup, air supply issues, ignition problems, broken gas valves, overheating, and more.

Good maintenance is the easiest way to increase the longevity of your new water heater. Some of the maintenance services we offer include: draining sediment from the water tank, inspecting the ventilation, testing for carbon monoxide, checking the water quality, checking the temperature, testing the Pressure Relief Valve, and inspecting the anode rod.

If you’re considering purchasing a new water heater replacement, you should consider our Rent hot water tank program!

This program is designed with the customer in mind!

We know that water heater replacement services are expensive, and we want to help!

Now you can rent-to-own your water heater! When the payment arrangement closes, you keep the water heater!

A licensed Ottawa Gas Technician will inspect your venting and gas lines, and install your new gas hot water tank to code, ensuring the safety of you, your home, and your family.

A tankless gas unit heats the water as needed, rather than maintaining stored hot water at the desired temperature. As a result, a tankless machine will last longer and use fewer resources.

If you’re considering going greener and replacing your water heater with a Gas Tankless Water Heater, we can help!

Whether your water heater is burning natural gas, oil, or propane, you need proper venting! Our licensed gas technician can install the proper venting as needed to code and ensure none of the exhaust escapes into your home.

When your hot water is out, we can help. We know that dealing only with cold water is uncomfortable and even a little painful. We’ll always do what we can to get our professional plumbers and gas technicians over to your house and finish your water heater repair or water heater replacement.

What Brands Does John The Plumber Supply?

At John The Plumber, we supply nothing but the best.

For Gas Water Heaters, High-Efficiency Gas Water Heaters and Tankless Water Heaters, we offer several models from both:

Gas Water Heater Services
Gas Water Heater Services

Water Heater Rental Program

If you’re considering a water heater replacement, we want you to know about our Rent Water Heater Program!

We’re proud to launch our water heater rental division to help homeowners like yourself enjoy hot water at affordable rates!

Click the link to find out how we can get you a water heater replacement at payments you can afford!

Natural Gas Water Heaters Versus Electric Water Heaters

Although Gas heaters have higher installation costs than electric, there are certainly some benefits to consider:

Lower Operating Costs

Natural gas and propane tend to be cheaper than electricity, especially during peak hours.

Heats Water Faster

Gas heaters have a faster recovery time than electric water heaters.

Long Lifespan

A natural gas or propane water heater will usually have a longer lifespan without requiring major repairs.

More Reliable Power Supply

Gas never goes out during a heavy storm, but electricity can!

Common Questions About Gas Water Heaters

How Does Your Water Heater Rental Program Work?

John The Plumber is proud to launch our water heater rentals program!

It’s a very easy process to get your new water heater replacement at affordable monthly payments!

Simply call in and speak to our water heater rental specialist. She’ll help find the perfect unit for you, your family, and your home.

After that, we’ll discuss the payment options!

Next, we schedule your water heater installation and send a licensed technician to your home to install the unit!

Lastly, you enjoy hot water at affordable monthly rates!

Yes. If installed correctly, gas appliances are very safe.

Always make sure that your technician has the proper qualifications to be handling equipment in your home.

Are Gas Hot Water Heaters Safe?

Yes. If installed correctly, gas appliances are very safe.

Always make sure that your technician has the proper qualifications to be handling equipment in your home.

How Long Do Gas Water Heaters Last?

Gas water heaters tend to last longer than electric water heaters. You should expect 10-15 years on a gas or propane hot water tank, and 25+ years on an on-demand water heater.

How To Dispose of a Water Heater?

Many plumbing companies will leave the homeowner responsible for water heater disposal.

If you encounter a situation like this, you can often call a company to recycle your old water heater, or you can bring it to the dump.

However, when you choose John The Plumber, we will happily dispose of your old water heater for you.

What Is John The Plumber’s Gas Water Heater Service Area?

Whether you need plumbing in Orleans, Kanata, between, or a little further, John The Plumber wants to help you.

We offer gas water heater services throughout the city. Our licensed gas technician is equipped with a work van in excellent working condition, and he’ll be happy to make the drive out to you.

We’re the Ottawa plumbing company that will offer you fast, friendly, and reliable plumbing services – no matter what suburb you may live in!

Gas Water Heater Services

What Do Ottawa Residents Say About Our
Gas Water Heater Services?

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Sent a technician the same day and he arrived on time and was quick to assess the water heater repair. He had to go get a part and returned promptly to fix it. Thank you!

Kevin, Ottawa, Ontario

Plumbers Near You

I was delighted to receive same-day service to fix the hot water tank that had stopped working. The gas technician representing John the Plumber was punctual and professional. He took the time to explain the necessary repairs and answer all of my questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to family and friends.

Francine, Ottawa, Ontario

Plumbers Near You

The technician did a fantastic job installing a brand new hot water tank in my home. He was prompt, had great communication and was a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to use John The Plumber in the future.

Spencer, Ottawa, Ontario

Plumbers Near You

Immediate phone response and the tech who came to install our new hot water tank was fantastic. He ended up needing to do the install mostly on his own, taking more time than he expected, and had a fantastic attitude and was very engaged the whole time. Walked me through the tests he’d done & how to service the tank going forward, explained everything knowledgeably and clearly, and tidily cleaned everything up after. Asked lots of good questions and broke down the estimate on a way that was transparent and easy to follow. Really quick and fantastic service, very grateful.

Trevor, Ottawa, Ontario

Plumbers Near You

I had a weekend plumbing emergency with our hot water tank. They came right away who got us sorted quickly. He was friendly and professional. I will call them again for sure.

P.L., Ottawa, Ontario

Plumbers Near You

Sent a technician the same day and he arrived on time and was quick to assess the on-demand water heater repair. He had to go get a part and returned promptly to fix it. Thank you!

Kevin, Ottawa, Ontario

Plumbers Near You

John the plumber did an excellent job changing the pressure release valve on our hot water tank.

Ryan, Ottawa, Ontario

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