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While the water may come out of the well, your well is pretty useless if you need a pressure tank replacement or repair! There are many things that can go wrong with the pressure tank and pressure switch of your residential well system, and there are a number of things that can cause them! John The plumber is happy to help with Well Services in Ottawa.

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Our Ottawa Well Services

When you need well services in Ottawa for your pressure tank and switch, you want it done by a licensed and professional plumber!

John The Plumber is ready and available to help with these Ottawa Well Services:

If you live on a well and you’re having issues with your water supply, there’s a good chance that you need a Well Pressure Tank Replacement.

While some pressure tanks may live up to 30 years, some well pressure tanks have a much shorter lifespan.

Some common signs that you may need to replace your well pressure tank is pulsating water coming from the tap or your well pump continually clicks on and off when you open a faucet. But there are many signs to look out for that you’ll read below!

While many pressure switches last for years, many homeowners prefer to replace their well pressure switch every year to avoid being left without water.

Some indicators that your pump pressure switch needs to be replaced:
  • Your water pressure is higher than the cut-out pressure and your pump is still running.
  • Your pump isn’t turning on when it is at the cut-in pressure.
  • Water pressure is low.
  • Your pump continues to cycle on and off.

Whether you need a well pressure switch replacement because you’re without water or because it’s time for the annual replacement, or you’re not even sure if you need a new pressure switch, John The Plumber can help!

How Does A Well Pressure Tank Work?

Your well works by pumping water out of the well and into your home.

The pump in your well, however, doesn’t run continually.

The reason you continually have water available when the pump doesn’t pump continually, is your well pressure tank.

Well pressure tanks work because of a rubber bladder inside. This rubber bladder keeps air inside the tank. As water is pumped out of the well and into your home, this water pushes against the bladder in the pressure tank. The bladder then pushes inward and compresses the air.

This pressurized air pushes back against the bladder, which pushes on the water. Since the well pump is a one-way street, water can’t be pushed back into the well. Instead, it remains pressurized in your plumbing system, awaiting usage.

Once you open a faucet, the pressurized air and bladder push the water out of the faucet.

From there, your well pump will replenish the water in the pressure tank as needed.

How Does A Well Pressure Tank Work

Signs That You May Need To Replace Your Well Pressure Tank

If you’re having water supply issues and you live on a well, there are a number of components to consider.

Here are some indicators you may need to replace your well pressure tank:

If your water pump is short cycling (frequently turning off and on), this can indicate that your water pressure tank can’t supply enough pressure to satisfy your usage. The reason is likely that your rubber bladder is compromised and has allowed water to replace the air inside.

Without the pressurized air inside, your well pressure tank won’t have what it takes to push water out of the drain, and so your pump will kick on each time you or your family uses any water.

A water logged pressure tank is when the rubber bladder inside the tank is broken or leaking, and has allowed water to replace the air in the tank.

When this happens, your pressure tank won’t be able to store enough pressure to push water through your plumbing.

You can check this by wobbling the pressure tank to check its weight. If it feels heavy at the top, water is likely at the top (where it shouldn’t be).

Low water pressure often means that water has replaced the oxygen in the tank due to a leaking tank bladder. A compromised bladder cannot be repaired, and a pressure tank replacement may be necessary.

If you notice puddles around the pressure tank, you may have a leak in your pressure tank. One of our plumbers can investigate this puddle and determine if the issue is with your pressure tank or the pipe connections.

If you live on a well, and you’re experiencing a water hammer when you’ve never dealt with them before, your pressure tank may be unable to provide a steady flow. The unstable pressure can result in an uneasy banging noise in your home, which is a water hammer.

Inconsistent pressure gauge reading indicate that the pressure in your well system is unstable. This is likely because your pressure tank is compromised and your well pump is over-compensating.

If your well pump is working but you have no water, it’s likely because there is zero pressure in the well pressure tank and the well pump isn’t kicking on. There are a number of factors that may be playing into this, and a broken pressure tank is among them.

Rust is not a good sign. If you see corrosion on your tank, you’re at risk of leaks and other water issues. It’s time for a pressure tank replacement.

How To Check If Your Well Pressure Tank Is Broken

You can test the well pressure tank bladder by depressing the air valve at the top of the pressure tank. If air releases, your pressure tank bladder is okay. If water spurts out, the rubber bladder in the pressure tank is compromised and your tank needs to be replaced.

Additionally, if you wobble the tank back and forth, you’ll be able to feel if there’s water inside. A pressure tank full of water is very heavy compared to one filled with air.

If your well pressure tank is fine, but you are having well water supply issues, it might be an issue with the pump pressure switch.

Why Does My Water Taste Metallic?

If your well water tastes metallic, there’s a number of possible reasons:

  • There’s a lot of iron or metal in the water.
  • pH levels are low.
  • Your pipes are old and you need to replace water pipes.
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