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The Licensed and Insured Plumber Orleans Has Trusted Since 2006

John The Plumber has proudly served our neighbours in Orleans for the last sixteen years, and we’re looking forward to offering world-class plumbing services for sixteen more!

Whether you live in Fallingbrook, Avalon, down the hill, or anywhere in between, we’re ready to help with same-day service.

We’ve built a reputation for booking plumbing service calls the soonest and for being the most reliable to show up on time and solve your plumbing problems. We’re the emergency plumbers Orleans residents can count on to be there when they need it most.

Whether you’re a St. Pete’s graduate or you went to St. Matt’s, we’re ready to help. We have plumbers and technicians from both sides, and no rivalry will ever stop us from helping our valued customers out when they need a good plumber.

So call us today and book an appointment with one of the best plumbers in Orleans!

What’s New At John The Plumber Orleans?

Water Heater Rentals Now Available

Now Offering Water Heater Rentals in Orleans!

If you need a new water heater installation, you’ve come to the right place!

At John The Plumber, we’ve always happily supplied and installed hot water tanks and tankless water heaters…

But now we’re making it more affordable than ever!

We’re proud to launch our new rent-to-own water heater program! We’ll find the water heater you need, install it, and finance it through our Rent-To-Own Hot Water Heater Division!

If you need a new water heater installation, we can help! Call and speak to our water heater installation specialist!

Rent-to-Own Water Softener Financing Now Available!

A good water softener isn’t cheap. And, a good water softener installed by a professional isn’t cheaper. Unfortunately many people who need water softeners installed in their plumbing systems often choose to forego water softeners due to the high cost.

That’s why John The Plumber launched the water softener rental program. Our mission is to get Ottawa homeowners the high-quality plumbing services they deserve, at prices they can afford!

Water Softener Installation Services By Licensed Specialists Now Available

If you need a water softener, you already understand the value of having a water softener installed in your home – so, we’re not going to try and sell it! What we will say is that it’s important to have your water softener installation performed by plumbers with experience.

At John The Plumber, we recently added a water softener specialist to our team and we’re very excited to become the plumbing company offering water softeners Ottawa trusts!
If you need a water softener, you’ve come to the right place!

Water Softener Services in Orleans!

Residential Plumbing Services in Orleans

Drain Cleaning and Clogged Drain Pipes

Orleans residents frequently encounter clogged drains. Food waste, grease, hair, and dirt are all possible causes of blockages. A blocked drain might cause a variety of severe issues ranging from water damage to unpleasant smells to structural damage.

That is why it’s critical to clean your drains on a regular basis. John The Plumber offers home drain cleaning services to keep your pipes clear and free of blockages. To expedite the process, we employ cutting-edge technology and equipment.

If you’re having trouble like clogged drains, give John The Plumber a call. We’ll be delighted to assist with our professional drain cleaning services!

Clogged Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Drains

Sink drains can also get clogged over time. Food waste, grease, and hair are all common reasons of blocked sink drains.

Water backing up into the sink, foul odors, and slow drainage are all symptoms of a clogged drain. If you’re having one or more of these issues, it’s likely that your drains have become blocked and need to be unclogged.

Call John The Plumber to get your drains cleaned today. We’ll clear your drains fast and effectively, allowing you to get back to your everyday routine.

No Hot Water and Water Heater Issues

If your water heater breaks down, you may be in a pinch. A number of factors can cause your water heater to fail, including age, clogging, and a faulty pilot light.

We provide a team of licensed plumbers and gas technicians at John The Plumber who are ready and eager to assist. We’re the plumbing firm to call if you want a water heater repair or replacement!

Faucet Installation, Replacement, and Repair

Faucets are an essential feature of every house and must be in excellent working order at all times. If you’re having trouble with your faucet, it’s critical to call a professional plumber right away.

At John The Plumber, we provide faucet repair and installation services. We can replace the components within your faucet that are causing difficulties or supply and install a new faucet, as well as install a faucet you’ve purchased.

Drain Pipe Replacement and Repipes

A full drain replacement may be required in some situations. This is usually the case when the drain pipe is completely destroyed or rusted.

A drain replacement might be a big project, so it’s critical to call a professional plumber like John The Plumber. We have the skills and knowledge to properly execute any plumbing repair, and we’ll make certain your drains are working as expected again in no time. So don’t put it off any longer; give us a call today!

Blocked Sewer and Sewer Cleaning

Tree roots, foreign objects, and excessive amounts of toilet paper can all obstruct sewer pipes. A leaking pipe, collapsed earth, fractures, and other damage are additional causes of long-term difficulties.

If your sewage is clogged, contact a professional plumber right away. For 20 years, John the Plumber has been cleaning blocked sewers in Orleans. We have the experience and knowledge to get your sewer unblocked quickly. So don’t wait any longer! Give us a call now!

Outdoor Hose Spigot Install and Repair

John The Plumber is the firm to call if you need an outdoor hose bib replaced or installed. We provide a comprehensive range of outdoor plumbing services, including hose bib installation and replacement.

Hose bibs in Orleans are frequently frozen owing to our severe winters. Give us a call for some quick, kind, and local plumbing services if your spigot has frozen and needs to be replaced!

Rough-Ins and Renovations

Are you renovating your kitchen or bathroom? Do you need a new laundry room installed?

If you’re planning any sort of renovation that involves plumbing, it’s critical to contact John The Plumber. We provide rough-in services for all sorts of renovations, as well as install new fixtures and appliances.

We’ll work with you to make sure that your renovation goes smoothly and that all of the plumbing is installed correctly.

We’re licensed, we’re insured, we’re professional, and we’ll build your plumbing to code. You can trust that our work will pass inspections!

Contact us today to get started!

Clogged and Overflowing Toilets

A blocked toilet is another typical plumbing issue. Toilets can get blocked for a variety of reasons, including excessive toilet paper usage, the flush of foreign objects down the drain, and tree roots blocking the pipes.

If you have a clogged or overflowing toilet, contact an expert plumber right away. We can be there for you any day with emergency plumbing services provided by John the Plumber.

We’ll get your toilet back in working order in no time. So don’t put it off any longer! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Drain Backup and Multiple Blocked Drains

A drain backup is a typical plumbing issue that happens when a blocked drain prevents wastewater from flowing freely. The wastewater can back up into the sink, toilet, or bathtub if a drain becomes clogged. Water damage and unpleasant smells may result as a consequence of this.

If you have a clogged drain, you should call an emergency plumber as soon as possible. We can assist you in getting your drains cleaned and your house back to normal quickly because we provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services. In no time, your pipes will be flowing smoothly again.

Drain Pipe Repairs

Drains are prone to clogging, and drain repair is a frequent plumbing issue. Drains can become blocked for a number of reasons, including age, corrosion, and physical damage.

Replacing a small portion of pipe that is broken is an effective way to repair a drain. A more extensive repipe may, however, be required at times.

That is why we’re here to assist you!

Sump Pump Install and Sump Pump Repair

A sump pump is an important part of any house’s plumbing system. Sump pumps are used to remove water that has collected in the sump pit, which is generally found in the basement.

If you don’t have a sump pump or if your existing one isn’t functioning properly, your house may be at risk during the next rainfall or snow melt. That’s why it’s critical to hire John The Plumber to install a new sump pump or repair or replace your old one. We’re here to assist you!

These are just a few of the many plumbing issues we can assist you with. We help with any sort of plumbing issue, large or little.

Appliance Hookup

If you’ve recently bought a new appliance, it’s likely that it’ll need to be connected to your house’s plumbing system. Dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, coffee makers, and other appliances are frequently the case!

Fortunately, John the Plumber can assist! We provide installation services for a variety of appliances. Your appliance will be properly linked to your plumbing system, and we’ll even test it to guarantee that it’s operating properly.

If you’re looking for assistance connecting a new device, give us a call! We’re happy to assist you.

Sewer Excavation and Replacement

In some cases, a sewer pipe may be too damaged to repair. In such situations, the entire pipe must be replaced. This can be a time-consuming and stressful process.

We understand how upsetting and difficult it can be for a homeowner to deal with a sewer replacement. If you hire John The Plumber for this job, we’ll do everything possible to make the process easy and convenient.

We’ll handle sewer excavation, sewer replacements and repairs, backfilling, and cleanup. We’ll handle the process efficiently and effectively. And, we’ll cover your new sewer with the best warranty on sewer repair in Orleans!

Waterline Installation and Repair

Water lines are an important component of your house’s plumbing system. They ensure that clean, fresh water reaches your faucets.

However, many Orleans residences still utilize outdated water pipes that might be a hazard to your health and the safety of your family.

That is why it’s critical to contact John The Plumber for all of your plumbing needs!

We provide water line installation and repair services. We can install new water lines, as well as repair and replace your present water lines. To make sure that your water lines are safe and up to code, we also provide a comprehensive range of testing and inspection services.

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Why Choose John The Plumber in Orleans?

When it comes to plumbing in Orleans, homeowners gravitate to John The Plumber because of his incredible reputation that he’s built over nearly twenty years.

Since 2006, we’ve been the plumbing company Orleans has preferred for plumbing services, plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, heating and gas, and now water heater rentals!

We do everything we can to offer Orleans homeowners the plumbing services they need, when they need them.

Combine this with our customer satisfaction guarantee and two-year warranty, and it’s no surprise that we’ve become the service company for plumbing Orleans trusts!

We’re the Orleans plumber that will never let you down!

We show up on time, we communicate effectively, and we arrive prepared.

We can meet your plumbing needs faster and more reliably than any other Orleans plumbers!

Whether you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency or you just want your plumbing issue solved and with quick response, we’re the plumbing company in Orleans to call!

We usually have same-day plumbing services available.

If you’re experiencing a plumbing issue and you want it dealt with, call John The Plumber today!

Our Orleans plumbers are licensed, they’re insured, and they’re capable!

It’s important to hire a plumber that has the proper qualifications to do the work, and they’re protected if something goes wrong.

You simply never know what may happen. But, when you call John The Plumber, you know that you’re protected!

We sincerely appreciate what you’ve done for us!

As such, we offer veterans and seniors a 10% discount on plumbing services.

If the plumber didn’t offer a senior discount, it’s only because you look so young!

Don’t be shy! Let him know that you’d appreciate your senior or veteran discount, and he’ll be happy to oblige!

Not only has Orleans been incredible to John The Plumber, but many of our plumbers grew up in Orleans.

We value the community and we sincerely appreciate everything you’ve done for us.

And, we want to try and make it up to the Orleans community!

If you’re involved in an organization or charity that helps the community of Orleans, please reach out to us when we can help by clicking here!

Orleans After Hours Plumbing

Not all Orleans plumbing companies are available when you need them!

That’s why we’re proud to offer after-hours plumbers in Orleans!

Gone are the days where you must leave work at noon to accommodate your plumber!

Best of all, we offer the same prices regardless of the hour!

Orleans After Hours Plumbing
Orleans Weekend Plumbers

Orleans Weekend Plumbers

Whether you love it or you hate it, Ottawa is a 7-day city.

Unfortunately, not all companies have gotten the memo.

But, John The Plumber got the message, loud and clear! That’s why we’re proud to offer weekend plumbers in Orleans

Now, you can get your plumbing work done without taking any time off!

Our Orléans Sump Pump Service Area

We’re ready, we’re available, and we’re happy to service:

Convent Glen • Chapel Hill • Orleans South West • Queenswood Village • Queenswood Heights • Chatelaine Village • Fallingbrook • Cardinal Creek • Springridge • Chapel Hill South • Summerside • Avalon • Hiawatha Park • Notting Gate • Bilberry Creek • Chaperal • Navan • Cumberland • Chateauneuf • Convent Glen

Not in Orleans? We have:

Plumbers in StittsvilleDowntown PlumbersBarrhaven PlumbersKanata PlumbersOttawa West PlumbersNepean Plumbers – and, more!

What Do Other Orleans Residents Say About Us?

google 5 star plumber reviews

After running in to some challenges plumbing a new sink and faucet install, I needed a pro. Glad I found John the Plumber. A friendly professional live person answered the phone and was able to schedule services for the next day. (Others could see me closer to a week away) Eric and his partner were on time, pleasant, and professional. The manner in which the legacy plumbing did not make for a straight forward job. Took care of the legacy sub par work as well, tested everything, and reconciled as quote. So nice dealing with timely, honest, professional, trades. If you need plumbing services, give John the Plumber Orleans a call.

Robert, Orleans

google 5 star plumber reviews

Called John the Plumber in the A.M. and they were here within 3 hours to fix my blocked toilets. The plumber was very knowledgeable and efficient. I would not hesitate to call again.

Amanda, Chapel Hill

google 5 star plumber reviews

I had heard nothing but good reviews about John the plumber and I have to echo those sentiments! Tomas arrived on time and was very professional. He quickly assessed the issue with our tap, suggested a faucet repair and completed the plumbing repairs. Everything was done perfectly and efficiently. I highly recommend this company for any plumbing needs!

Julie, Orleans, Ontario

google 5 star plumber reviews

We had a clogged kitchen sink which caused a drain backup, and the sink drain itself would take an hour for an inch of water to drain. They came the same day we submitted a request, took a look at the issue, and within 30 minutes of arriving and snaking the drain he had the drain unblocked.

Very happy with the service and response time.

Scott, Springridge

google 5 star plumber reviews

Called John The Plumber for some emergency plumbing. He was very professional and fixed my emergency quickly and to high quality. Thanks!

JC, Notting Gate

google 5 star plumber reviews

Jonathan did a leak detection and explained to me the issue and what needed to be done. The drains work was completed to my satisfaction.

Rick, Gloucester

google 5 star plumber reviews

A clogged kitchen sink caused me to contact John the Plumber, and two other companies, over the May 24 long weekend. John the Plumber contacted me promptly to book an appointment. Their drain specialist, was at my house to resolve the issue by 10am on the first business day after the weekend. I was very impressed with their timeliness. The fee charged was reasonable, especially for how quickly they responded. They were professional, friendly and efficient. He was done in 30 minutes and left the work area clean. Thanks for the great service!

David, Convent Glen.

google 5 star plumber reviews

Eric was on time, super kind and helpful, very efficient and did a great job when I had a sewage backup. I was grateful for how helpful he was and how he got the job done and cleaned up so quickly, I barely knew it happened. Really nice people and I would recommend them to anyone. A big thanks to Eric especially!

Candice, Bilberry

google 5 star plumber reviews

Billy was friendly and professional. He provided clear details about the issue and changed the mixing valve on my hot water tank! Best pricing, and I highly recommend them for your water heater repair!

I also had Billy come to install a faucet last week. They were prompt and provided great service yet again… No surprise as I was so please with my first experience!!

Jo, Fallingbrook

google 5 star plumber reviews

I had a great experience with this company. Very professional and caring all around. Eric came ahead of schedule to check my leaking toilet and completed the toilet repair promptly. I couldn’t be more pleased with his work and his ability to share his knowledge with me. Thank you so much!

H, Avalon

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