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Proudly serving Ottawa and the surrounding areas since 2006. When you need a plumber in Ottawa, we’re ready to offer you fast, friendly, and reliable plumbing services!

Ottawa Area Neighbourhoods We Serve

Ottawa Area Neighbourhoods We Serve

Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital, is the home of John The Plumber. Since 2006, John The Plumber has been servicing homes from Stittsville and Kanata, all the way to Orleans and the surrounding areas. Being a city that stretches over 2,790 km², we know that it can be difficult to find a good plumber who’s eager to make his way to your residence in a timely fashion. But you don’t have to worry about that when you call John The Plumber. John The Plumber has built a large team made up of Ottawa’s Best Plumber’s, and we have plumbers eagerly awaiting your call across the city, even for a plumbing emergency during off-hours.

As with every area, we commonly deal with drain cleaning, clogged toilets, and sump pump repair – but we’ve noticed a boom in the demand for water treatment services!

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We love Nepean. Nepean is an area in Ottawa, located towards the west. It’s known for a rich history, Algonquin College, many beautiful parks and walking paths, the wonderful Centrepointe Theatre, and so much more. When you think of wonderful neighborhoods in Ottawa that are perfect for raising families, Nepean always comes to mind. It’s no surprise that this part of Ottawa is growing rapidly! Best of all, it’s pretty close to everything!

Several members of the John The Plumber family live in Nepean. We love it here! It’s an easy place to navigate with tons of beauty to behold! If you live in Nepean, you probably see our vans every day! We’re frequently seen near Algonquin College, Merivale Mall, Hog’s Back Falls, Prince of Wales Dr, Tanglewood Park, Medhurst Park, Centrepointe, Craig Henry Park, Knoxdale Road, Arlington Woods, Fisher Heights, and many more! Wave next time you see us!

On top of the usual drain cleaning and water heater repair, we’ve been keeping busy with basement plumbing rough in installs! It seems like everybody wants to renovate their homes ever since the quarantine first began. Given how old many of the homes are, we recommend considering installing a backwater valve. When these protective plumbing devices are needed, they’re worth their weight in gold!

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Ottawa is a big city! John The Plumber wants to do everything he can to make sure that his valued customers don’t wait for plumbing services when they’re needed, so he now offers drain cleaning and plumbing services from plumbers who focus on the west side of Ottawa!

These neighbourhoods include Carlington, Westboro, Bayshore, Centrepointe, Carlingwood, Glabar Park, McKeller Park, Westgate, Central Park, Maitland, Lincoln Fields, Pinecrest, Britannia, Wellington Village, and many more! These lucky plumbers enjoy servicing some of Ottawa’s trendiest neighbourhoods, rich in culture and style while passing by many cool attractions like the Experimental Farm and Bayshore Shopping center.

The majority of these homes are well over 60 years old, so they often require careful attention and clever solutions. While keeping busy with standard plumbing needs like hot water and sewer backups, we also have helped many West-end families by re-piping and updating their plumbing systems.

Call 613-686-1971 today for a west-Ottawa plumber to solve your plumbing problems and drain cleaning!

Manotick is a suburb in the rural south of Ottawa, located on the Rideau River between Rideau Road and Phelan Road. While considered a bit of a commute, Manotick is a short 25km drive away from the city and it offers great restaurants, cool shops, a quiet living, and many beautiful parks. Even if you don’t live there, you should check this beautiful place out!

Our plumbers are happy to offer Manotick and other southern-Ottawa neighbourhoods high-quality plumbing services. In the past, many locals struggled to find a plumber who was willing to drive out that far! But since we’ve focused on offering Manotick our residential plumbing services, we have enjoyed their appreciation and praises!

When you need a plumber in Orleans, we’ve got a plumber nearby that is ready to help!

Known for its beautiful waterfalls, Petrie Island Beach, its pubs and breweries, and its overall friendliness and cleanliness, Orleans has become one of John The Plumber’s favourite suburbs to service. We frequently service homes in Fallingbrook, Pineridge, Gardenway, Avalon, Springridge, Nottingate, Mer Bleue, Sunridge, Queenswood Heights, Chapel Hill, Convent Glen, and many more. These neighbourhoods have developed and stretched over many decades, and have a variety of plumbing systems – new and old. Our knowledgeable plumbers have the experience to handle the variety of plumbing issues that are common in these areas.

As with every area, we commonly deal with low water pressure, water heater repair, and sump pump repair – but we’ve noticed a boom in the demand for tankless water heaters!

Call 613-454-5006 for an Orleans plumbing expert today!

Barrhaven, or Far-haven as we all love to call it, is growing rapidly! It feels like there’s a new development every day!

Barrhaven is a great neighborhood southwest of urban Ottawa that is perfect for raising a family. It’s filled with everything that you need: green space and parks, a great community, nearly every shopping center you could ask for, tons of sports and recreation facilities, safety, and peace and quiet! If the commute doesn’t bother you, I can’t think of any reason that you wouldn’t want to live there!

The homes in Barrhaven tend to be newer, and as such, they have newer plumbing systems. With plastic pipes fitted in most of these homes, there aren’t nearly as many pipe replacements needed compared to other suburbs. But still, we make our way through the neighborhood providing sewer cleaning, sump pump repair, faucet repairs, and more. Barrhaven seems to really be enjoying the green benefits of on-demand hot water too!

If you need plumbing services, and you live in Longfields, Knollsbrook, Pheasant Run, Cedar Grove, Stonebridge, Half Moon Bay, Strandherd, Davidson Heights, Crestway, or any other divisions in Barrhaven – then give us a call! John The Plumber has experts awaiting your call, and are eager to service your plumbing system!

As with every area, we commonly deal with drain cleaning, low water pressure, and sump pump repair – but we’ve noticed a boom in the demand for water treatment services!

Call 613-454-5585 and we’ll fit you in for a Barrhaven plumbing expert fast!

Kanata is a neighbourhood with a plan! Ever since its development exploded, it’s been evolving into a highly organized and well-planned suburb, and it’s become one of Ottawa’s largest suburbs! It’s located over 20km west of Downtown Ottawa, and it’s become a home for over 100,000 Ottawa residents!

With so many reasons to choose Kanata, it’s no wonder that so many people have made it their homes. It’s a high-tech hotspot in the nation’s capital, and it offers many cool amenities that no other suburb has. When you want to watch a Senators game or a show, you can go to the Canadian Tire Centre, when you feel like shopping you can enjoy Centrum, and when you want to do some fun exercise you can enjoy one of many parks, skating rinks, and many other exciting places!

Our plumbers love working in Kanata. The people are great, it’s easy to get where you need to go, and there is work that plumbers need to get done! Unfortunately, due to its distance from most Ottawa neighbourhoods, it can take some time for a plumber to get there, and sometimes it can be hard to book an appointment!

John The Plumber serves many Kanata homes, and as such, we can keep plumbers nearby! This gives us an enormous advantage over other plumbing service providers because our customers get to enjoy the services of a plumber when they need them while also appreciating on-time arrival.

Choose John The Plumber if you live in Bridlewood, Emerald Meadows, Glen Cairn, Katimavik, Beaverbrook, Morgan’s Grant, Shirley’s Brook, Kanata Lakes, or any other Kanata subdivisions. When you call us, we’ll fit you in as early as possible and satisfy your plumbing needs in no time! Given that so many Kanata homes are nearing or passing twenty years old, it’s no surprise that many residents are calling us for a water heater replacement or drain cleaning services. If this sounds like something you need, consider upgrading to a Tankless Water Heater to save money over the lifetime of the heater. But our services don’t stop at hot water.

Call us at 613-509-1320 for All of your plumbing needs!

Stittsville is a suburb of Ottawa that is southwest of Kanata. It’s a part of Ottawa that feels like a small town, with a great community, friendly neighborhoods, tons of recreational activities, and peacefulness. Best of all, it’s a growing community, having nearly doubled its population in the past 13 years.

Stittsville is the newest addition to John The Plumber’s service area. We’re proud to offer plumbing services from Old Stittsville to the newest developments! We’re hoping that you see the John The Plumber vans making its way through Main Street soon! Our friendly plumbers want to become valuable members of the Stittsville community, by offering the residents top-notch drain cleaning and plumbing services at affordable prices. We’re looking forward to growing with Stittsville!

If you need a Stittsville Plumber, call us at 613-686-1917 and book an appointment with one of our experienced representatives.

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