Water Softener Installation Services

Hard Water In or Around Ottawa? We Can Help!

If you’ve got hard water, a water softener is an easy and quick way to increase your quality of life! That might sound dramatic, but hard water damages your hair and can cause dry, itchy skin and acne.

On top of that, hard water affects your plumbing system and water appliances.

All this being said, these are only the things that are proven. Hard water and its effects are constantly being studied because of the potential effects certain minerals and metals can have on our minds and body.

If you’re interested in a water softener installation, John The Plumber wants to help! We’re your local experts for water softener systems!

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Water softener installation, before and after, by John The Plumber

Water softener installation, before and after, by John The Plumber

Why Choose John The Plumber For Water Softener Installation?

When it comes to Water Softeners in Ottawa, we’re the local authorities!

John The Plumber has offered Ottawa and the surrounding rural areas plumbing services since 2006!

We know what we’re doing and we’re experts. We’ll complete water testing to find your needs, find the water softener system that will fix your water supply, and install a water softener into your home’s plumbing system without any issues or leaks!

Water softener systems can be pricey.

But not having a water softener can cost more in the longrun.

Additionally, we believe that every Canadian is entitled to good drinking water. We’re weird like that.

So, if you need a water softener installed, you’ve come to the right place!

We can install a water softener we supply, install a water softener you supply, or finance a water softener system through our rent-to-own program!

You can enjoy high-quality drinking water and a long hot water heater lifespan without breaking the bank!

Just like every service, there are people out there who will try and sell you the most expensive service they can.

They’re in the business of draining bank accounts from single-serve customers.

At John The Plumber, on the other hand, we believe in offering world-class service at fair prices.

Installing a water softener isn’t cheap, but when you choose John The Plumber, you can rest assured that your installation costs are paying for the machine you need – not the machine the plumber is hoping to sell.

Water softeners aren’t cheap.

It’s important to find a company that offers a good warranty on a supplied water softener system!

At John The Plumber, we’re proud to offer the best warranty in Ottawa.

The work and water softener provided by John The Plumber comes with a 2-year minimum warranty!

At John The Plumber, we’re very proud of our awesome team.

We have some of the best plumbers in Ottawa. They’re fast, they’re friendly, and they’re professional!

We believe that Ottawa homeowners deserve high-quality service on their plumbing systems!

Water Softener Installation Services

What is a Water Softener?

A water softener is a water filtration system that removes high concentrations of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from hard water, making the water soft.

A water softener is installed in your home where it can be connected to your water source. As water flows through the water softener system, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals are filtered out, and the soft water is then distributed throughout your home.

Compared to hard water, soft water is better for your skin, hair, clothes, plumbing fixtures, dishes, plumbing appliances, and more!

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that has high mineral content. Water becomes hard as rainwater travels through the ground. As it moves through soil and rock, water absorbs minerals and becomes harder.

Eventually, this water becomes a part of the water supply.

Although minerals are essential to sustaining life, too many minerals can be a bad thing.

14 Negative Effects of Hard Water

Dry, itchy skin

Soap doesn't lather and you need more of it

Water-using appliances wear out much faster

Clothes wear out faster

Stained sinks and bathtub

Possible acne issues

Dyed hair colour fades faster

Clothes don't feel as nice

Water heater loses efficiency, increase in utilities

Dishes and glassware wear out and become cloudy

Dry, lifeless hair

Colours in clothes fade faster

More laundry detergent is required

Buildup of sediment inside pipes

Do You Need A Water Softener?

Is a new water softener installation necessary for your home and water supply?

Many homeowners believe that the water softener system cost outweighs the value. However, if your home has hard water, then a water softener is definitely worth considering as it offers countless benefits to you, your home, and your wallet.

That being said, Ottawa water is considered soft water. However, well water is often very hard.

But even if your home uses municipal water in Ottawa, you can benefit from a water softener as there are still hard minerals in the water supply, albeit much less than well water.

10 Signs You May Need A Water Softener System

  • Dry itchy skin, especially after bathing
  • Dry, brittle hair
  • Stained sinks and bathtubs
  • Cloudy glassware
  • Scale buildup on plumbing fixtures
  • Faded laundry that doesn’t feel soft
  • Smelly laundry
  • Soap and shampoo doesn’t lather
  • Ring around your toilet water line
  • Your water supply is a well

We’ll Find You The Water Softener You Need

The amount of dissolved minerals in your water combined with the water usage in your home will guide us towards the right water softener for you!

A water softener that is too small will struggle to keep up and will wear out fast!

A water softener that is too big, on the other hand, won’t regenerate often enough – which also isn’t good!

That’s why John The Plumber is committed to finding you the perfect water softener system for your needs!

How We Work

If you’re wondering “What water softener do I need?”, we can help!

In order to find you the perfect water softener, we need to know what the hardness of your water supply and how much water is used!

So we start with…

find a water softener right for you

Water Hardness Testing

An important factor is your water quality!

How many dissolved minerals are in your drinking water?

Unlike many water treatment specialists, John The Plumber arrives on site with the testing kit on hand.

This way, we can show you your water hardness in realtime! No more waiting for samples to be sent out, received, and tested!

Supplying The Right Machine For You and Your Home

Once we know all the variables above, it’s easy to find the perfect water softeners for your home.

We’ll provide you with options and the water softener system cost for each available option.

Once you decide on the perfect water system for yourself, it won’t be long before your new water softener install is done and your drinking water is as good or better than bottled water!

How Big Is Your Home and How many bathrooms?

How much capacity for the right water softener system also depends on how many bathrooms your home has.

The number of bathrooms helps narrow down your water usage, and installing a water softener is best done with the best water usage information available!

Once we know the important variables at play, it won’t be long before your water hardness is that of softened water!

How Many People In Your Home?

More people in your home means more water being used and consumed.

If you use more water in your household, you’ll need a bigger water softener capacity!

Our Water Softener Service Area

John The Plumber is proud to be the water softener expert near you!

We serve all of Ottawa and the surrounding areas!

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