Clogged Sink Services Ottawa

A blocked kitchen sink or clogged bathroom sink can often be fixed with some safe at-home remedies like the ones written below, however, sometimes a professional plumber is needed!

When you’ve got a stubborn clogged sink, John The Plumber is ready to help!

When you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency like a clogged sink, call John The Plumber for your Fast, Friendly, and Reliable Plumbing Solutions!

Clogged Sink and Drain Repair

When you’ve got a stubborn clogged sink, John The Plumber is ready to help!

Our licensed Ottawa plumbers come equipped with everything to clean out a sink blockage, scrub away years of accumulation, and return your drain flow.

Resources On How To Fix A Clogged Sink

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Ottawa Clogged Sink Services

If you’ve got a blocked kitchen sink drain or any clogged drains, a professional drain cleaner can often solve your problems much more efficiently than chemical alternatives. John The Plumber offers full residential drain services to help Ottawa homeowners when they’re dealing with a stubborn clog.

Some of our drain services include:

Clogged Kitchen Sink Full

Unclog Sink

More times than not, simply using a commercial plumber snake to snake the drain is more than enough to take care of a clogged sink drain. If you don’t have a drain cleanout, we can access the drain pipe by disconnecting the P-trap. While we’re in the neighbourhood, we can install a drain cleanout, but that’s not mandatory! Once the sink blockage is cleared, we’ll put everything back together again, tidy up, and be on our way! We can often fix a clogged drain in less than an hour!

Clogged Garbage Disposal

More times than not, simply using a commercial plumber snake to snake the drain is more than enough to take care of a clogged sink drain. If you don’t have a drain cleanout, we can access the drain pipe by disconnecting the P-trap. While we’re in the neighbourhood, we can install a drain cleanout, but that’s not mandatory! Once the sink blockage is cleared, we’ll put everything back together again, tidy up, and be on our way! We can often fix a clogged drain in less than an hour!

Clogged Bathroom Sink

Drain Cleaning

If you’re dealing with frequent clogged drains, you may want to consider a professional drain cleaning service. Our drain division is equipped with some amazing modern plumbing technology that can make your old drain system work like it’s brand-new, which may prevent clogs for many years to come. We have drain cleaners in Orleans all the way to Stittsville (and, beyond) that are ready and available to help. We can usually offer same-day drain cleaning services.

Hydro Jet Power Wash

A hydro jetter is a powerful machine that can pressurewash the inside of your drain system. We use different machines for different pipes, and we use specific attachments for specific blockage types. Using a Hydro Jet, we can clear out almost any blockage, including: soft blockages, hard blockages, and tree roots. Years of accumulation in your pipes don’t stand a chance when we have a hydro jetter on the job site!

Drain Camera Inspection

Drain Camera Inspection

Unfortunately, sometimes a clogged sink is a more serious problem than you might think. Cracked pipes, sagging pipes, collapsed pipes, and another of other drain system issues could be causing this clog and future clogs. Unfortunately, many pipes are hidden behind walls or underground. To avoid breaking your house, plumbers usually use a drain camera to inspect the plumbing system with minimal damage to your home. A drain camera inspection allows us to diagnose and locate the issue. Using these advanced and waterproof cameras, we can pinpoint the exact location of a pipe issue, so we don’t need to cause much damage to fix the problem!

Drain Replacement

Sometimes sink drain clogs simply cannot be cleaned. A kitchen sink blockage, for example, is often an accumulation of several years worth of grease, food particles, and other gunk. As grease cools, it hardens. Many clogged kitchen sink drains are caused by liquid grease being poured down the drain then hardening inside the pipe. As this repeats, the diameter for water to flow through becomes tighter and tighter. While some grease clogs can be blasted away with some of the methods listed above, unfortunately not all can. Some clogged drain pipes require a drain pipe replacement. What this means is cutting out the affected pipe and replacing that pipe section. It’s important to note that this is the last resort. We’ll always try to clean your pipes before suggesting a pipe replacement.

What makes John The Plumber Different?

John The Plumber is Ottawa’s choice when it comes to residential plumbing services, including sink drain clog repair!

We’re known for fast, friendly, and reliable plumbing services.

That means Same-Day Plumbing Service, After-Hours Plumbing, and Weekend Plumbing!

On top of that, we have a reputation for having some of Ottawa’s friendliest plumbers. Our team is built of friendly professionals who believe in offering outstanding – nay, world-class customer service.

If you want your plumbing handled by a professional that will treat your home and plumbing like their own, you’ve come to the right place!

Read some of our 100% real reviews below!

What Do Our Customers Say?

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We called John The Plumber because the plumbing – a crazy mix of new 3 years ago to up to 70 years old – connected to our upstairs bathroom sink was almost completely blocked. Garrett and Matt arrived and were terrific! Not only did they unblock the pipe and clean up the mess, but they were friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Eric Cho was our plumber. We had a problem with our pipe under the kitchen sink. After phoning us first, Eric showed up ahead of our time slot, repaired the pipe & even told us of another problem. Everything was fixed in a timely manner, and he was very professional. We would highly recommend John the plumber and it would be a pleasure to deal with Eric again.
We caused a clog by cleaning our tiling tools in our laundry sink and foolishly not flushing enough water. Geoff and Garrett arrived on time, in great spirits, and within a very reasonable amount of time had beaten the cement clog away, allowing us to finally use our sinks again. Not only did they get the job done, but they explained the process before starting the job, and answered all of my questions before, during, and afterwards. They also did a check of all household sinks to ensure proper flow everywhere, not just where the clog was thought to be. The price also seems to be reasonable and is sitting very well with us. On a personal note, they were very pleasant to work with and extremely professional. While I hope we won’t need to call a plumber again, if we do, John the Plumber will definitely be our first call.
called John the Plumber one day and made an appointment for the next day. They showed up right on time, assessed the jobs, gave me a very good quote and on my word went straight to work. Instead of being short-staffed four guys showed up. There was Billy working on the hot water tank while Garrett was at the bathroom sink and Dawson was working with Geoff on pipes in the basement. They seemed to be one of the happiest and friendly crews I’ve seen and they were extremely polite and professional. They finished the job, cleaned up and were out of here in a relatively short time after giving us a clear explanation of everything done. What else can I say? This is now our plumbing company. Thanks guys!!!
What started out as a routine clogged kitchen sink drain turned out to be a bigger problem than initially thought. The bottom line is it required 2 plumbers for a total of 7-8 hours over 2 days to resolve the problem. Not due to your crew but because of the “design” of the plumbing in the house. I have always thought that the measure of a company is how things are handled when the unexpected happens. On that, you rate a 10/10 in my book.

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Common Clogged Sink Symptoms

clogged sink drain

Slow Drains When Using The Sink

One of the “small changes” that can indicate you have an upcoming blocked sink drain is slow drains. Your sink should drain faster than water pours out the faucet spout. If water begins filling the unplugged sink while you brush your teeth or rinse your dishes, you may end up with a serious sink blockage sooner than later – or something worse, like a drain backup. What’s happened is matter, waste, and gunk have begun accumulating in your drain pipes over many years of usage. The gunk might accumulate in the pipes directly under your sink, or it may be further down the drain line.

clogged sink drains

Unpleasant Smell From The Drain

An unpleasant smell rising from the drains is a strong sign that you have matter accumulated in the drains. Routine drain cleaning with household ingredients, such as baking soda and vinegar, is a good way to prevent odours in the drain. However, if you have a drain stench, you may need a little more help. Our advice is to try cleaning the drain yourself before calling John The Plumber or any other plumber or drain cleaning company. A super easy solution is to pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain followed by a half cup of white vinegar. Let it fizzle and react for about half an hour, then flush it down with hot water. If that doesn’t work, you can call a professional drain cleaning company. Whether you need a plumber in Barrhaven, Orleans, or somewhere in between – John The Plumber is happy to help! We’ll scrub away that foul odour from your drain in no time!

gurgling noise in my plumbing

Gurgling In The Sink Drains

Unusual noise when using your plumbing is one of the biggest indicators of an issue somewhere in your plumbing system. Your drain system is designed with proper venting to allow for airflow and smooth draining. If you hear gurgling in your pipes, something is preventing water or air from flowing properly and you likely have a partial drain blockage. You can try the baking soda and vinegar method mentioned above, as well as try using a sink plunger to solve this issue.

Drain Flies Rising From The Sink Drain

Drain Flies Rising From The Sink Drain

It’s not uncommon to have insects fly out of your drains. To us, they look like fruit flies. They’re small insects that hover around your kitchen, rest on your cabinetry and food, and reproduce in your drains. Unfortunately, drain flies can be fairly difficult to eliminate. Their eggs are quite resilient, and they reproduce fast. When you’re dealing with drain flies, you may also find success with the baking soda method mentioned above. But, you might need a professional plumbing company, like John The Plumber.

clogged sink problem

Frequent Sink Clogs

If your kitchen sink drain or bathroom sink is clogging frequently, there’s something wrong with your drain system. Plumbing systems are designed quite simply. There are few things that should go wrong if your pipes are being used as intended. But, if you’re dealing with frequent sink blockages, there’s likely something stuck in the drain that continues catching matter as it travels through the drain system.

How To Avoid A Clogged Sink

Different sinks are prone to different issues because different things are often wrongfully put down the drain. Follow the tips below and you will drastically reduce the drain issues you encounter in the future!

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Clogged kitchen sink drains make some of the worst and most difficult clogs!

Grease, food particles, coffee grinds, egg shells, and fibers from vegetation get thrown down the kitchen sink every day.

The issue, however, is that your drain is not designed to handle all of this matter! Solids don’t belong down a sink drain ever. And, liquid grease will cool and congeal inside your drains before they reach your plumbing stack! To avoid clogged kitchen sinks, clear your plates into the garbage before washing them. Empty grease from the pan into a disposable container, let it cool, then throw it out. Throw all solids into the garbage instead of into the sink. And, when you finish washing your dishes, flush your drains. Fill the sink or a container with hot and soapy water, then pull the stopped and let it flood your drain system.

Additionally, we recommend using baking soda and vinegar to clean your drains once a month. Pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by half a cup of white vinegar. Let it react for half an hour then flush it with hot water! This will help break down a lot of the matter in the drain before it becomes a blockage!

clogged bathroom sink

Clogged Bathroom Sink

A clogged bathroom sink is almost always caused by a gunky combination of soap, shaving cream, hair, toothpaste, and mucus. If you clip your hair over the sink, vacuum it instead of washing it down the drain! If you shave, wipe the hair and shaving cream off the blade before rinsing it! When you brush your teeth, run hot water after you spit out the toothpaste! Lastly, do the baking soda method mentioned above!

Clogged Laundry Sink

Clogged Utility Sink or Laundry Sink

The biggest problem with utility sinks and laundry sinks, is they’re so useful! Because they are big and deep, they’re often used for cleaning big and large things. This usually means paintbrushes and tools. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff that often washes off paintbrushes and tools is prone to hardening in the drain. As a result, you’re slowly coating the interior of the pipe again and again until you’re dealing with a full blockage! Try to avoid washing products into the drain that will harden. And, if you do, make sure you flush the drain very well afterward! Additionally, we recommend using the baking soda method mentioned above.

Clogged Sink FAQ’s

How can I unclog a kitchen sink drain?

Our drain cleaners in Nepean say that a plunger is often your best friend when it comes to a blocked sink! Most toilet plungers can be used on a sink, but specific sink plungers also exist.

Hot water and dish soap also go a long way with clogged sinks! Boil some water, mix it with some dish soap, and pour it down the drain! You may need to remove the water that’s filled the sink already.

If these don’t work, try straightening a wire hanger and poking it down the drain. If you can’t reach the blockage, you may need to remove the P-Trap!

Additionally, you can use the baking soda method mentioned above! Half a cup of baking soda followed by half a cup of white vinegar makes a great safe drain cleaner, although it’s not a miracle worker.

Should I use Drano to unclog my kitchen sink?

There are many discussions about Drano and other chemical drain cleaners on the internet.

Many plumbers discuss how these harsh chemicals can eat away at the inside of your pipes, or how their reaction heats the interior of the pipe which may weaken connections.

These possibilities aside, a common issue is that these chemical drain cleaners do work – albeit not exactly how you expect.

You see, the inside of your pipes are not clean. Many of your pipes have sludge accumulated around the inner walls of the pipe. There’s not so much accumulation that it fully blocks the pipe, however, it may slow drain flow.

The issue that often occurs, is when a chemical cleaner is used, it breaks down this accumulated sludge. As the sludge breaks down, some of the content begins slowly moving down the line.

As sections of this sludge begins dragging through the pipes, it can reaccumulate. Sometimes, homeowners turn to Drano to fix a slow drain – but, this results into a full blockage!

At the end of the day, nothing is more effective and safe than a physical drain cleaning. However, we admit that Drano can be effective – although, we don’t use it ourselves.

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