Peace of Mind Plumbing Program

Affordable Plumbing Done Right

When it comes to your home, you want excellent work done by licensed and insured professionals. But the reality is that licensed and insured professionals are often expensive and sometimes out of the budget. Discount handymen often come ill-equipped for the job and lack the experience and skill necessary to efficiently complete a job. Time and time again, John The Plumber has responded to service calls to clean up the mess made by bad work done by unqualified workers.

John The Plumber doesn’t want you to experience these unfortunate situations.

Peace of Mind Plumbing Program for Savings on Oakville Plumbing
Peace of Mind Plumbing Program

For The Affordable Price Of $12.99 A Month

The Peace of Mind Plumbing Program is John The Plumber’s solution. Superior plumbing services have never been so affordable. With the Peace of Mind Plumbing Program, you can access a licensed and insured plumber with all the necessary skills and equipment whenever you need it. You’ll enjoy front-of-the-line booking services for any job, no matter the time or day. With the heavy discounts we give to program-members, you’ll spend less money than if you hired someone unqualified for the task.

Great for Home Owners and Landlords

Incredible Savings, Value and Peace of Mind

20% Discount on Plumbing and HVAC Service Calls for invoices $1000 or lower

10% Discount on Plumbing and HVAC Services balances above $1000

20% Discounts On Repairs And Installations Anytime

Many plumbing issues are unforeseen and can’t be scheduled during the home inspection, but we’ll still accommodate you with a 20% discount.

No Service Call Fee

The $40 Service Call Fee will be waived for all members.

Flexible Scheduling

We’re already known for accommodating our customer’s schedules, but we’ll go above and beyond to do everything we can to ensure your convenience.

$100 Per Year towards Furnace or Water Heater Replacement

When the time comes to replace your furnace, you’ll receive a $100 credit for every year you’ve been in the program.

Sump Pump Inspection

Your Sump Pump protects your home during especially wet times, like heavy rains and heavy snow melts. If your sump pump fails and your basement floods, this can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Complimentary Annual Plumbing Inspections

Valued over $199, this annual Plumbing inspection by a licensed Plumber will guide you towards easy and affordable solutions to prevent needing expensive service calls. As they say, prevention is the best cure! If you experience an issue within 90 days of an inspection, you’ll enjoy a $50 credit with John The Plumber.

Up to 3-Year Warranties On Plumbing

A 1-Year warranty increase with John The Plumber services and repairs. The Longest Warranty Available On Plumbing.

Priority Emergency Service

We take all plumbing emergencies very seriously. However, when a loyalty member calls – we will do every reasonable thing to meet their needs with the #1 emergency plumber in Ottawa!

No Breakdown Maintenance Guarantee for 90 Days

If something goes wrong within 90 days related to our plumbing services or our home plumbing inspection, you’ll immediately receive a $50 credit.

Subscription to John The Plumber’s Plumbing and Home Maintenance Tips

We’ll keep you updated with good practices and habits to help prevent costly issues in your home.

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Discounts on Plumbing Services

You’re probably wondering what plumbing services this program applies to.
The truth is, you’ll be able to enjoy discounts on any of our plumbing services, which includes:

Who Benefits Most From This Program?

Homeowners often call plumbers at least once a year, especially if their home and plumbing system is old. If you own your home and you want to save money long-term on your home, this program is for you.

Ask yourself:

  • Is your home older than 5-7 years?
  • Are any of your pipes made of Galvanized Steel, Copper, or Cast Iron?
  • Is your Water Heater over 5 years old?
  • Is your Sump Pump over 5 years old?
  • Have You Needed a Plumber in the last 5 years?
  • Are your Water-Utility bills higher than you believe they should be?
  • Do you anticipate needing a plumber in the next 2-3 years?
  • Would you prefer to rely on a licensed professional who’s as affordable as a generic handyman?
  • Do you plan to sell your home one day?
  • When you sell your home, do you want to maximize your home’s value?
  • Do you want Emergency Plumbing Services to be affordable?
  • Do you want any plumbing services to be more affordable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’d eventually benefit from the Peace of Mind Plumbing Program. Nobody ever wants issues to arise in their homes, but the reality is that home plumbing issues can and will happen to you at some point. When that happens, you may find yourself in a situation that is expensive and out of the budget… but you’ll still want to flush your toilet and wash your hands!

Anyone Can Benefit from the Peace of Mind Plumbing Program

The truth is that anybody can benefit from John The Plumber’s plumbing program. Even new homes are susceptible to plumbing issues. Toilets, drains, and sewers clog! Valves age! Water pressure issues can happen to anyone! There are always going to be plumbing issues in the future, and our plumbing program helps to prevent them AND make them very affordable.

On top of the prevention of issues and the savings on fixing them (and new installations!), wouldn’t you like to tell a potential homebuyer that your plumbing system has been serviced and maintained every year by Ottawa’s best plumbing service provider?

I know that I’d rather buy a home from a seller who can show me a paper-trail of proper maintenance and servicing. Car salespeople provide records of oil changes, and now you’ll be able to provide a record of proper maintenance too! With the growing number of Pre-Buy Home Plumbing Inspections, potential buyers have proven their interest in proper home maintenance. The Peace-of-Mind Plumbing Program will add value and saleability to your home.

All this to say, any homeowner or landlord can benefit from John The Plumber’s Peace-of-Mind Plumbing Program. We want to earn your business for life, and we’re willing to provide you with the best and most affordable services to gain it!

We know that there are a lot of competitors in Ottawa, and many of them are very talented. But what separates John The Plumber from the competition is our goal to build lifelong relationships with our customers.

We do this by:

  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.
  • Hiring the best plumbing talent available, training and honing their skills, and keeping them on the John The Plumber team!
  • Licensed and insured red-seal plumbers.
  • High-quality and proper work.
  • Finding the best and most affordable solutions.
  • Fair and affordable pricing.
  • Flexibility in scheduling and on-time arrival.
  • Fitting our customers in fast.
  • 24-7 Emergency Services.
  • Dedication to Quality and Integrity.
  • Coming Equipped to handle Anything.
  • Providing excellent Tips and Tricks on Maintenance and Problem-Prevention.
  • Going above and beyond to earn an incredible reputation.

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John The Plumber truly has his customer’s best interests at heart. You can find out for yourself by reading some of our many 5-star reviews and testimonials. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: we want your business for life. Trust us with your plumbing services, and we guarantee your satisfaction now and always.

To find out more about our Peace-of-Mind Plumbing Program and what John The Plumber has to offer, call now!

Our Plumbing Program Service Area

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