Toilet and Drain Clogs

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Toilet and Drain Clogs

Dealing with a blocked toilet can clog up your day! When you’re experiencing drain clogs or clogged toilets and you want it fixed fast, call John The Plumber.

John The Plumber is the fast and reliable plumber near you.

Because of our impressive team of talented professionals, we’re often able to accommodate a customer on a moments notice.

Whatever kind of clogged drains you’re dealing with, John The Plumber can help.

Call John The Plumber today for fast and effective plumbing solutions!

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Reviews and Testimonials

Plumbers Near You

David was absolutely amazing in helping out with my toilet blockage. Not only did he figure out that, he figured out the bathtub drainage i had too! Super friendly service, and super professional. Would recommend these guys.


Plumbers Near You

Our boys flushed and object down the toilet and within a couple of hours Thomas from John the Plumber was had our place and and the object out and everything back to working order. Fast, friendly service. Highly recommended.

Richard A

Plumbers Near You

I called the company to get some help with a clogged sink and their service was impeccable. A plumber came to help me on the same day that I called, very clean and fast service. The plumber was very friendly and from my perspective after seeing him fix my sink, he seemed very knowledgeable. If I have any other plumbing issues, I will definitely call this company for help again!


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