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We’re the Plumber Nepean trusts for fast, friendly, and local plumbing services! Our plumbers are licensed, they’re professional, they’re background-checked, and they’re ready to help.

We’re available for all Residential plumbing, drain cleaning, and hot water services in Nepean, ON!

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Fast and Friendly – Licensed and Insured – Emergencies Welcome

Licensed and Insured Plumbers in Nepean

The difference between a licensed plumber and a handyman that knows how to plumb is 5000+ hours of experience specifically working plumbing systems and equipment, hours of education in a classroom, and ongoing education through the plumbing company they’ve joined.

It’s no easy task to become a fully licensed and insured plumber. And, the difference in skill and experience can mean the difference between a job well done and thousands of dollars in flood damage.

When it comes to the integrity of your home, we encourage you to use a trusted company employing experienced and licensed plumbers. All it takes is one innocent mistake to lead to a plumbing emergency and more plumbing repairs than you originally needed.

When it comes to high-quality plumbing done by licensed and trusted experts, call John The Plumber Nepean!

Plumber Nepean

Our Top Plumbing Services in Nepean

When you’ve got clogged drain pipes or a plumbing emergency, who better to call than Nepean’s Emergency Plumber? We are literally the fastest plumbing company in Nepean to schedule an appointment, we show up on time, and we resolve plumbing issues effectively and efficiently. Call John The Plumber when you’re dealing with:

Emergency Plumbing Repair

When you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency, it sure would be nice if there were plumbers available in the evenings, Saturday, and Sunday…

And, if you found such a convenient plumbing company to deal with, it sure would be nice if they charged standard rates during these off-hours plumbing services… Wouldn’t it?

Do I sense shameless self promotion? Big time.

John The Plumber is proud to now offer Saturday and Sunday plumbing services. We happened to find the only plumbers in Ottawa who enjoy working on the weekends. It’s quite the miracle, to be honest.

So, if you need emergency plumbing services on the weekend or during the evening, don’t be shy!

John The Plumber is emergency plumber near you that can help today!

Drain Backup Emergency Repair Service

Drain Cleaning

If you’ve got a clogged drain, there are many safe home remedies to try.

We advise against using Drano and other chemical drain cleaners as they can damage your plumbing pipes and are unhealthy for the environment.

If home remedies don’t work, you’re going to need a professional drain cleaning company.

John The Plumber offers drain cleaning services in Nepean. We proudly launched a drain division so we have expert Drain Service Technicians available the same day you call us.

Call John The Plumber for Fast, Friendly, and Local Drain Cleaners that are nearby and on standby!

Drain Cleaning plumber nepean

Clogged Sink

Your kitchen sink and bathroom sink drains are designed to handle water.

Introducing contents other than water and soap can lead to blocked drains.

Clogged sinks are often caused by grease, fat, food, hair, and other things that can be difficult to avoid putting down the drain.

Unfortunately, kitchen sink clogs are some of the most difficult and stubborn clogs due to the nature of grease.

If you’ve got blocked sink drains, there’s a good chance we’re going to need to manually clean them with professional sink drain services.

Toilet Repairs

If you’re dealing with a running toilet or a toilet leak, don’t fear! Your throne may be easily repaired!

Many toilets repairs are easy for homeowners to complete on their own. It’s a matter of identifying the issue and replacing the part.

However, if you want a licensed Nepean plumber to handle your sacred throne and return it to optimal flushing, give John The Plumber a shout!

Toilet RepairToilet Installation

If you’re dealing with a running toilet or a toilet leak, don’t fear! Your throne may be easily repaired!

Sewer Cleaning

If you’re dealing with sewage backups in your home, you likely need to clean your sewer pipes.

All of the sewage in your home flows through your sewer lateral. If you’ve got a blocked sewer lateral, none of the sewage waste in your home is going to have anywhere to go. When this happens and you flush your toilet, you’ll usually find a growing puddle in your basement.

It’s unpleasant, causes damage to your home, and it’s unhealthy as the fumes and particles don’t belong in your lungs.

The good news is that you likely don’t need to excavate your lawn and replace your entire sewer pipe (although, sometimes this is the case). Usually, we can clear just about any blockage with mighty sewer rooter machines, powerful hydro jet drain cleaners, or herculean chain knockers.


sewer cleaning plumber nepean

Different sewer blockages require different tools to resolve the issue. The good news is that John The Plumber has all of the equipment.

Don’t settle on a sewer cleaning company that doesn’t have the proper equipment. Call John The Plumber for sewer back-ups, sewer inspections, sewer repairs, and sewer cleaning!

Click the link to learn more about our sewer cleaning services.

Sump Pump Installations

Your sump pump is the protective plumbing device that keeps your basement dry. When our sump pumps fail, it leads to big problems during rainstorms, spring thaws, and other moist situations.

We advise that you routinely inspect your sump pump to ensure that it works as it should.

But, when you need a fantastic Nepean plumber to give you a hand with the job, we’d appreciate if you consider John The Plumber. We’re big fans of sump pumps and we handle them with care.

Click to learn more about:

Sump Pump Installation, Sump Pump Replacement

when you need a fantastic Nepean plumber to give you a hand with the job, we’d appreciate if you consider John The Plumber

Heating and Furnaces

John The Plumber is proud to offer Heat and Gas services to homeowners in Nepean. Call John The Plumber when you’re experiencing furnace issues or need a gas appliance installed. Our gas technician is among the friendliest gas techs in Nepean, and he’s available to help!

Gas Furnace InstallationGas Furnace RepairGas Appliance InstallationGas Water Heater Installation

Water Line Installations

If you need a water supply line installed in your home, call John The Plumber! We deal with all variations of water supply lines including PEX, Copper, and more! We’ll run the water supply for plumbing appliances, for new bathrooms, for rearranged kitchens, or any other plumbing installation you need!

Click the link to learn more about our Water Supply Installation and Replacement!

Water Heater Installation and Repair

No hot water? No problem! Well, soon it won’t be a problem. But first you must call John The Plumber. We’ve got plumbers and gas technicians available, so our staff have the proper certifications to service your electric water heaters, as well as your gas water heaters.

John The Plumber are your local plumbing experts for:

Electric Hot Water Tank Installation and ReplacementGas Water Heater Installation and ReplacementTankless Water Heater Installation and ReplacementHot Water Tank RepairTankless Water Heater RepairWater Heater Booster

Leak Repair

A water leak can present itself in water damage, rot, mold, puddles, and water droplets on your head. If you’re dealing with a water leak, we can help! Our plumbers can run a plumbing investigation to locate the cause of the leak while minimizing damage to your home. Once we find the leak, we’re ready to repair the leak on the same day.

Click the link to learn more about our Leak Detection and Repair.

Faucet Repairs and Installations

A new faucet might give your kitchen or bathroom the facelift that it needs! However, if you’re dealing with a leaky faucet or some other faucet issue, perhaps an easy fix is in order!

John The Plumber is happy to offer plumbing repairs on faucets, install customer-supplied faucets, and supply and install faucets.

JTP-Supplied faucets come with a 2-year warranty to protect Nepean homeowners long after the faucet installation has been completed.

Bathroom Rough-In

A plumbing rough-in is the water supply and drain pipes, without the fixtures. Building a rough-in prepares your home for an additional bathroom to be completed at a later time. Bathroom rough-ins add value to your home and saleability.

At John The Plumber, we take our bathroom rough-ins very seriously. Everything we do is to code and competed at a high level so you won’t face any related plumbing issues in the future.

Click the link to learn more about our Plumbing Rough-In Services.

Appliance Installation

Purchasing a dishwasher for the first time can truly transform your daily routine. The convenience of washing dishes at the touch of a button is a significant upgrade from the time-consuming task of hand washing. It’s not just about saving time; it’s also about reducing the physical effort and the amount of water used, making your household more environmentally friendly.

However, the installation of a dishwasher can be daunting, especially if you have never done it before or if your home isn’t already set up with the necessary plumbing infrastructure. Dishwashers require specific connections for water intake and drainage, and these might not be readily available in homes that haven’t had a dishwasher before.

Dishwasher Installation Nepean

This is where professional help comes in handy. Enter John The Plumber – your go-to expert for hassle-free dishwasher installation. With years of experience and the right tools, John can ensure that your new appliance is set up correctly and efficiently. Whether it’s creating new plumbing connections or ensuring that everything is securely and safely installed, having a professional on your side can make the whole process smoother and less stressful.

So, while the thought of installing a new dishwasher might seem overwhelming, with the right help, it can be a straightforward and rewarding experience. After all, the benefits of having a dishwasher are well worth the initial effort of installation.

John The Plumber is here to ensure that your transition to this new convenience is as seamless as possible. Ready to change your kitchen game? It’s time to call in the experts.

Do you need plumbing services that you don’t see on the list above? Don’t sweat it! John The Plumber is a full-service residential plumbing company. We do just about everything. If water runs through it, we do it! Click the link for a list of all our Residential Plumbing Services.

Why Choose John The Plumber

Since 2006, John The Plumber has been the go-to plumber in Nepean. We’re serious about good service. From start to finish, you can expect friendly representatives, expert technicians, stellar plumbing repairs and installations, effective drain cleaning, and an overall pleasant experience. But, wait! There’s more! When you choose John The Plumber, you can expect:

Same-Day Plumbing Service

Dealing with a plumbing emergency? Don’t wait! John The Plumber is available. Our dispatchers are wizards with routing plumbers and scheduling appropriately. We can usually schedule you in for same-day service, or next-day service!

Professional and Clean Technicians

We’re professionals! We’re branded, we’re appropriate, we’re clean, and we’re presentable. You’ll feel comfortable letting us in, and your home will be in good shape when we leave!

Background Checked Employees

It’s important that our staff be trustworthy, as I’m sure it’s important to you! Our plumbers have clean records. You don’t have to worry about hiding anything before our technicians arrive!

Pet and Family-Friendly Representatives

We love animals! In fact, my basset hound is often seen in the office! When you choose John The Plumber, your pets and children will feel at ease. We’re friendly and warm!

Nepean plumber near you

2-Year Plumbing Warranty on Repairs and Installations

Good service doesn’t end when we leave! When we repair your plumbing or supply and install a fixture, your plumbing system is protected for 2 years!

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. I don’t know of many companies that put a similar effort into satisfying their customers as John The Plumber. Most importantly, we’re receptive to feedback and we appreciate it. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our level of service!

Commitment to Nepean Community

Many of our team members grew up and live in Nepean. The community is extremely important to us! If you’re involved in an organization that helps Nepean residents and you need help, please reach out! Contact our Community Outreach Manager by clicking this link!

Weekend Plumbers Available

Not all of us have the luxury of waiting until Monday for plumbing repairs! That’s why we found the only plumbers in Nepean that prefer to work on the weekend! If you need a weekend plumber, don’t be shy! Contact John The Plumber!

Upfront Prices

Upfront prices means no surprises! We discuss options and provide prices before beginning the job so you know exactly what to expect on the invoice!

Quality Products and Quality Work

At John The Plumber, we don’t cut corners. We do the job properly and we use high-quality plumbing fixtures and supplies. Using quality products and brands is one of the reasons we can guarantee your plumbing work will last for many years to come!

Save Money On Plumbing and Furnace Repairs in Nepean

Hiring the right specialist for a job can be expensive. The good news is that John The Plumber recently launched the Peace of Mind Plumbing Program.

For $12.99 a month, members of our program enjoy discounts on plumbing and heating services, credits towards new appliances, free annual plumbing inspections, waived service fees, and many other perks.

Click here to learn more!

Peace of Mind Plumbing Program

After Hours Plumbing in Nepean

Not all plumbing services are needed during normal business hours! Unfortunately, not all plumbers are available when you need them.

That’s why John The Plumber offers after-hours plumbing services in Nepean. We have a team of plumbers available in the evenings to help you with all your plumbing needs, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

After Hours Plumbing
after-hours plumbing services

Weekend Plumbers in Nepean

If you’re in need of a plumber on the weekend, we’ve got you covered!

Our rates stay the same whether we’re working Monday to Friday or on the weekend.

When you need a weekend plumber, contact us to schedule an appointment!

Weekend Plumbers Available
Weekend Plumbers Available

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What Do Nepean Residents Say About John The Plumber?

I called John the Plumber for an outdoor faucet at the side of my house during the COVID pandemic. The service representative who answered my call was pleasant, professional and explained everything thoroughly. The plumber was expedient and efficient and later showed my wife and I how to shut, drain and bleed the pipes for the cold winter and prevent frozen pipes. We are very happy and satisfied with his service and the organization. A big thanks to the phone team who is probably not usually thought of. She too is very accommodating and pleasant to deal with. You wouldn’t know behind the phone she has a million things going on, always busy but cool and calm. Again thank you for great service. Please keep it up.
The plumbers were very professional and followed health protocols. They called indicating that they could come out sooner than the scheduled time and arrived well within the timeframe they said they would, which I appreciated. They talked us through what they were doing and were able to fix the issue for us. They also went above and beyond by giving us advice about future work that is required because our bathroom is extremely old. We will definitely be calling you guys for future work and would prefer working with the same guys again (we’re expecting some bathroom and kitchen renovations that include plumbing). Thanks very much
Jonathan and his partner were great. They quickly investigated a leak in our basement. Also installed a new kitchen tap that they had in their truck. Excellent service. I’d recommend them to others!
This is my first time with John the Plumber and I will surely use their services again. The plumber (Jonathan) was on time, very friendly/easy to talk to, solved the issue and provided tips to prevent recurrence of the clogged sink. The bathroom was left very clean. Booking the appointment was quick and easy. The price was fair, the payment method efficient and the invoice was provided in a timely manner. I chose the company based on internet ratings and I am not sure why I had not heard of it before but would recommend them.
Great work on my recent shower valve installation!
Thank you so much to the plumber for his quick, professional fix of our leaking outdoor hose bib!
John The Plumber is the type of plumber you want to do your work. He installed a new tap in about 10 minutes and installed a new toilet in about 20 minutes, all the while carrying on a conversation about the Covid situation (what else these days?) and ancestry (we have common roots). In short a professional who knows his work and is a people person to boot. Not your ‘ordinary’ tradesman! A job well done!
John has provided us with excellent service a multitude of times. Simply put, we use John the Plumber because of him and will continue to do so in the future. He is always on time, goes above and beyond while providing clear and sound plumbing advice. He provided additional services upon request with clearly outlining it could only be done if time allowed it due to meeting other service requests. Knowing that someone would treat all customers fair goes to only re-assure us in our plumbing choice.
I was very happy with the service and really appreciate your company fitting me in on such short notice. They were very professional, friendly and of course skilled. Thank you!
I had a great experience with the team that was sent to my home. They were polite, professional, and took the time to explain the situation, estimated the cost for the drain service (so no surprises with the billing). They even showed me a video after the work was done and gave me tips on preventing any future drain clogs. A big thank you to the plumbers! John The Plumber is now my go-to plumber and I will gladly recommend them to anyone that has plumbing issues. You get a five-star rating from me!
We needed to have our backyard tap replaced after frozen outdoor faucet. We searched the Better Business Bureau site and chose the company John the Plumber. A phone call resulted in a quick appointment and while it had to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, the company was in constant contact keeping us up to date. On the day of the appointment, Alex showed up right on the stroke of 08h00…honestly! He was neat, tidy and clean in appearance. Alex was friendly and professional, very enjoyable to interact with. He was very knowledgeable and efficient. The job was a little tricky given the awkwardness of the pipe location. Alex reviewed the situation, gave us his opinion on the best approach, and quoted us a price for the work we agreed to.

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