Gas BBQ Installation in Ottawa

A Cheaper, Cleaner, and More Convenient Alternative To Barbecues

If you’re a barbecue master and you’re considering a more affordable, convenient, and clean barbecue alternative to propane or coal, you may be interested in a Natural Gas BBQ Installation. Use the natural gas that runs to your home so you never need to refill your propane tank, and save some money.

If you want to get grilling with your new gas barbecue, John The Plumber is ready to help!

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Licensed and Insured BBQ Gas Line Installers

When it comes to gas lines, it needs to be left to the professionals.

This is both a best practice and a requirement by law as a TSSA certification is required for gas line installation and repair in Ontario.

At John The Plumber, our gas technicians offer the same friendly and professional service that Ottawa residents have come to expect from our plumbers.

If you want fast, friendly, and reliable home services by licensed and insured professionals, we’re here for you!

gas bbq installation

Ottawa Gas Barbecue Installation Services

If we’re installing a gas barbecue without a pre-existing natural gas line, we’re going to need to install a gas line. Our licensed gas technician will shut off the gas line, connect to your current gas lines, and run a line outside with a gas barbecue connection with a shut-off valve for convenience and safety.

If you believe you have a natural gas leak in your home, get you and your family out immediately.

John The Plumber is ready and available for emergency gas line repairs and replacements.

A pressure test and gas leak inspection are used to determine whether or not you have a leak in your gas lines and where they’re located. This should be done after a new gas line has been installed to ensure that your home and family are safe.

John The Plumber is proud to offer many heating and gas services in Ottawa!

If you need a furnace repair or a new gas fireplace, John The Plumber can help!

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Our technicians are TSSA-certified gas technicians. If gas runs through it, we do it!

Why choose John The Plumber for Natural Gas Barbecue Installs in Ottawa?

If you think that John The Plumber’s only claim to fame is being the best drain cleaner in Ottawa, guess again! (Although, we are your #1 local plumbers!)

John The Plumber is more than your friendly neighbourhood plumbing company. We’re your residential home service and solutions company!

We’ve taken everything that our customers love about our customer service and applied it to our gas installation and repair services.

If you want exceptional customer service, convenient scheduling, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable technicians, and guaranteed customer satisfaction, then John The Plumber is for you!

We have hundreds of 5-star reviews from our countless satisfied customers. We don’t pay for reviews. We earn them.

If you are interested in a natural gas barbecue, please give us a chance to earn your 5-star review, as well!

What Do Ottawa Residents Say About John The Plumber?

gas bbq installation

Mukaley was very kind and professional in his work. The job was completed efficiently and effectively. I’ve used this company before and they are worth my repeat business.


gas bbq installation

Friendly & professional. We’ve been lucky enough to have had 2 great experiences. Mukaley had everything hooked up and ready to go in short order both times.


gas bbq installation

John the Plumber is fantastic! Very quick to respond and send someone. I have had Eric help me with a few issues in the last couple months and I have greatly appreciated his professionalism, honesty, and attention to detail. Highly recommend.


gas bbq installation

Mukaley was great once again. Always appreciate when he shows up for a job.


gas bbq installation

Excellent experience with this company. Highly recommend. Exceptional and friendly service.


The BBQ Gas Line Installation Process

When our technician arrives and sees the desired location for the barbecue and the current gas line set up, he’ll explain the most economical gas line installation and what he’ll do.

Following the planning and discussion of the price for the work, we’ll often get to work on the same day. Sometimes, we may need to schedule an appointment depending on the size of the project and what’s involved.

Once we begin the installation, we’ll shut off the gas supply and cut into a natural gas line. We’ll cut a hole through the basement wall and run a gas supply line outside with a gas valve inside and outside.

After testing the gas supply line and valves, we’ll seal the hole.

After completion of the gas supply line and barbecue set-up, you are ready to grill!

Benefits of a Natural Gas Barbecue – Is it worth it?

A natural gas barbecue is one of the most cost-effective fuels to cook with! Enjoy a fine barbecued meal without running to the store for an expensive can of propane!

The propane only ever runs out when we’re using it. While that may be obvious, it’s extremely inconvenient!

As long as you’re paying your utility bills, you’ll never have to worry about running out of barbecue fuel again!

I’m not saying propane or coal barbecues aren’t great, because all barbecues are great!

However, you can’t deny the convenience of using a natural gas bbq compared to the alternatives.

Not many things are easier than turning a knob to fire up a grill!

Most experts agree that natural gas is among the cleanest fuels available. They simply burn clean!

In this age of eco-friendliness, you’ll be helping out by switching to a natural gas bbq for cooking your meals!

The convenience of a new natural gas line running to your barbecue outside is a luxury to many people. This gives your home a leg up on a lot of the competition. When your home is more competitive in the market than others, you can expect a better sale!

Many experts agree that natural gas is safer than any other barbecue fuel. This is partly because natural gas is lighter and so it dissipates into the air more quickly than propane.


Can I move my Natural Gas BBQ around?

While your gas line will be fixed, your barbecue connects to your gas line using a flexible hose. Depending on the length of this hose, you can reposition your gas barbecue without any issues.

Can any Barbecue Work with Natural Gas?

While many propane barbecues can easily be converted to a natural gas bbq, not all can be converted. Your instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website should indicate whether or not your barbecue can become a natural gas bbq!

Is a Natural Gas Barbecue cleaner than Propane?

While there are many advantages to natural gas barbecue, natural gas and propane are both considered clean-burning fuels.

Both choices are far cleaner than coal barbecues.

What's Better for Grilling, Natural Gas or Propane?

Grilling with a natural gas barbecue is very comparable to propane.

The benefits of a natural gas barbecue primarily lay in the convenience and cost of operation.

Due to the fact that both fuel sources are clean-burning, neither one have an impact on the flavour your food.

Do You Offer Other Gas Appliance Services?

Yes, we do! Thank you for asking!

John The Plumber proudly launched his Rent hot water tank department to help homeowners get affordable monthly payments on water heater installations.

If you need a new water heater, we’re the experts to call!

We also offer furnaces, stove installations, and more!

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