Gas Appliance Installation in Ottawa

TSSA Certified Gas Technicians

Ottawa homeowners don’t need to look any further for gas appliance installation services by licensed gas technicians who take their safety and security seriously.

We’re licensed local experts in gas appliance installation! We’re proud to bring a higher level of service and safety to our community here in Ottawa. If you need gas appliances or gas line installation, call John The Plumber and rest easy knowing that we’ll get it done right the first time and on-time.

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Appliance Installation Services In Ottawa

Want your Gas Appliances installed by TSSA Certified Gas Technicians? So do we!
Choose between any of our gas services below:

Gas Stove Installation

So, you wanna cook with fire, huh? Who can blame you? It’s basically in our DNA! Electric appliances just aren’t the same.

Well, we’ve got you covered! Our licensed gas techs will gladly install your kitchen gas range and ensure that it is installed to code. Your safety is the most important thing to us, and we’ll make sure your gas stove is installed properly.

If you’re confused about the terminology like range and stovetop, scroll down to the FAQ’s!

Gas Oven Installation

Gas ovens offer more control, reliability, and energy efficiency than electric ovens. Your gas oven will provide heat with more moisture, resulting in better flavour and moisture in your food. This will keep your dishes from drying out and getting chewy!

Gas Kitchen Cooktop Installation

We can help you turn your current kitchen into your dream kitchen! Our professional and licensed Gas Technicians can run the gas lines and connect your beautiful new island gas stovetop or countertop stovetop, and get you sauteeing like a pro chef in no time!

Kitchen Vent Hood Installation

Gas stoves require the proper equipment to protect you and your home from disasters! The right kitchen vent hood will exhaust the heat and fumes outside where they belong. With John The Plumber, your range hood installation will be done right, so you and your family are safe when using your gas stove! Choose John The Plumber for your cabinet range hoods installation.

Natural Gas BBQ Installation

Natural gas is cheaper than propane, connects right to your home gas supply, and is better for the environment. Our Ottawa gas technicians can set up the gas connections if you don’t have them already, and install your new natural gas barbecue where you want it.

Gas Dryer Installation

Gas dryers can be cost-effective and very efficient to run. Best of all, these laundry appliances can dry clothes in a fraction of the time compared to electric appliances. That’s just to name a few benefits. If you’re interested in upgrading to a gas dryer system, our TSSA-certified gas technicians can run the natural gas lines, hook up the unit, and get you drying with your new appliance.

Gas Dishwasher Installation

If your restaurant or business needs a highly efficient and effective dishwasher, consider having our Ottawa gas technicians rough in a gas line and install a natural gas dishwasher. These powerful machines can clean faster and more effectively, so you don’t have to waste all day in the dish pit!

Gas Services Service Area

Our Ottawa Gas Technicians will travel far and wide to offer our valued customers services where they need them.

If you live in the Ottawa area, Orleans, Nepean, Barrhaven, Manotick, Kanata, Stittsville, or Carleton Place, or the surrounding area, choose John The Plumber for your Gas Service.

Gas Services Service Area

Why Choose John The Plumber for Gas Services?

Installing gas lines needs to be done by a professional who knows what he or she is doing. They must install the gas lines to technical standards that ensure the safety of homeowners and their families.

Our Ottawa gas installers are highly trained and knowledgeable in proper gas line installation and the handling of equipment.

Furthermore, when you choose John The Plumber, you can expect:

Scheduled In Fast

We don’t want to make you wait for our services in Ottawa! There’s a high chance that we can schedule you for same-day service, and if not, we’ll schedule you in at the next earliest convenience. Our Ottawa gas technicians are ready and waiting!

Proper Appliance Installation Services

The last thing an Ottawa homeowner wants is to hire a gas tech that doesn’t know the codes or what he’s doing. Too much can go wrong!

Our technicians never take shortcuts or rush through our gas appliance install services. Whether it’s a new stovetop, wall ovens, or a new range hood, we’ve got you covered and we’ll do it right!

Up Front Pricing

No lies. No tricks. Just honest gas services. After seeing the work and what’s involved, our gas specialists can provide you with the accurate price you will see on the bill. Guaranteed.

Friendly Service by Trustworthy Specialists

An important factor in our hiring process is trustworthiness and friendliness. We screen our potential employees and background check to ensure that our customers have a pleasant experience with a trustworthy individual.

When you choose John The Plumber, you’ll be comfortable with our gas technicians every step of the way!

We're Fully Insured

It’s important to know that your professional service providers are insured in Ontario. Even the best professionals can have bad luck. When you hire John The Plumber, you’re hiring a fully-insured plumbing and gas services provider and you’re protected.

No Surprise Fees

We’re not in the business of pulling fast ones on our customers. When you hire John The Plumber for an installation service, you can expect honest service by an honest technician. We will tell you exactly what to expect on the invoice, and that’s what you’ll be charged. No extras.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have a Satisfaction Guarantee on all installations. We are very confident in our work, and we know that we have what it takes to please our customers no matter what services they need!

Gas Appliance Installation FAQ’s

Can I install my own gas appliance?

Gas technicians go through extensive training and education to become qualified to install your gas appliances. There are strict codes and processes that must be followed to ensure the safety of Ottawa residents, and someone without the experience or knowledge should not install gas appliances on their own. It’s not worth it to risk it, if something can go wrong.

Is Ventilation important when baking in a gas oven?

When using any gas appliance, proper ventilation is extremely important. Without proper venting, the air quality becomes compromised and can lead to danger and health issues.

What should I do to prepare for my gas appliance installation?

The first step is to purchase the right appliances for your home and needs. There are different sizes of appliances and wide variety of capabilities, and you want to make sure you purchase something that works for your home and life.

Once you’ve purchased the right gas appliances, prepare the home and area for installation by removing obstacles and property so the technicians can access what is needed.

Do You Offer Gas Water Heater Rentals?


John The Plumber launched our new Rent hot water tank division!

We have a rent-to-own program so you can get your new water heater installation at affordable monthly rates!

We call it our water heater rental program, but you’ll actually own the water heater at the end of the arrangement!

What's the difference between Ranges, Stovetops, and Ovens?

A range is a stove, and a stove is a range! It’s the appliance that has a top area you can use to cook with frying pans or boil with pots, and it has a chamber with a door you can use for baking or broiling. It’s the whole package that is common in most homes.

An oven is the name of the chamber with a door that you use to bake.

The stovetop is the top of the stove or range that you use to cook with pots and pans.

Lastly, a cooktop is the top of a stove, but without an oven below it. You’ll see these units built into countertops.

What profession installs gas stoves?

Licensed gas technicians are qualified to handle the installation of gas lines and gas appliances. While some individuals online claim that they can handle gas installations without the proper licensing, it is ill-advised to hire them.

Can Any House Use Gas Appliances?

Most houses can be outfitted to use gas appliances if natural gas is available to them, however, many houses are currently missing the gas lines needed. In these circumstances, gas lines can be run throughout the home by a professional. However, depending on the desired location for the gas appliances, the installation of gas lines may be an invasive process on your home as holes may need to be cut.

Will the Installer Dispose of my old gas appliance?

While some gas technicians may dispose of your old appliances, not all servicemen are the same. At John The Plumber, we are a full-service gas company and we are happy to help and dispose of your old equipment so you don’t have to worry about it!

What are the benefits of using a gas stove?

There are many benefits to using a gas stove. They’re cheaper to operate, easier to control the temperature, faster to heat up, faster to cook, and arguably more fun!

Can you replace an electric stove with a gas stove?

If gas is offered in your area, then gas lines can be installed in your home. However, not all homes are already outfitted with gas lines for appliances.

If you have any other questions about Gas Appliance Installation Services in Ottawa, send us an email and ask!

Thank you for choosing John The Plumber!

Water Heater Rental Program

Are you considering a water heater replacement?

Replacing a water heater is a big purchase, and John The Plumber wants to help!

We’re proud to launch our new Water Heater Rental program!

If you need a new water heater installation, you can rent-to-own your new hot water heater at affordable monthly payments!

Call to find out more!

Pssst! We just added the option to lease water heater softener through John The Plumber, as well!

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