Ottawa Water Softener Rentals
Rent-To-Own At Affordable Monthly Rates

Are you tired of stained toilets and sinks, discoloured clothing, and dry, itchy skin?

It might be time to consider the installation of a water softener in your home.

At John The Plumber, we know that water filtration comes with high upfront costs, so we want to help!

John The Plumber is proud to now offer Water Softener Rentals in Ottawa!

Best of all, you’ll own your water softener at the end of the rental agreement!

Schedule an appointment with a water quality specialist to learn how we can help improve your drinking water for you and your family!

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Affordable Water Softeners In Our New Rental Program

Step 1

Schedule an appointment with some of the best local plumbers in Ottawa!

Step 2

One of our water filtration experts will test your water quality.

Step 3

Discuss the results, options, and prices.

Step 4

We’ll install the water softener you choose!

Step 5

Enjoy soft water for you and your family!

Why Choose John The Plumber for Clogged Shower Repair?

Licensed Plumbers

When it comes to water in your home, it’s wise to hire a professional!

At John The Plumber, we’re proud to employ some of Ottawa’s best plumbers.

When you choose John The Plumber, enjoy peace of mind from knowing your water softener system was installed properly!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our reputation speaks for itself!

Most Ottawa residents know us as Ottawa’s best plumbing team, and that’s for good reason!

We’ll always be available to offer you fast, friendly, and reliable plumbing services when you need them!

Service When You Need It

We are proud to be Ottawa’s fastest plumbers. Not many companies can offer same-day or next-day service the way we can.

When you choose John The Plumber, you’ll always have plumbing services when you need it!

Affordable Monthly Payments

Water softening should not break the bank!

At John The Plumber, our payment programs are designed to make your life easy!

We offer water softeners and water filtration systems at affordable and competitive rates.

Never worry about your water softener payments again!

High Quality Water

Water softeners make showers more enjoyable, clothes last longer, and water quality better!

If you want the water supply for you and your family to improve, a water softener might be the golden ticket!

Call John The Plumber and we’ll happily test the quality of your water so you can make an educated decision on what water filtration is right for you!

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