Ottawa Household Water Filters
Rent-To-Own Affordable Water Filters In Ottawa

Have you considered water filtration systems but were intimidated by the high upfront costs?

We understand. Water treatment isn’t cheap.

The good news is that John The Plumber now offers water filtration systems for affordable monthly payments!

Best of all, you’ll completely own your water filtration system at the end of the agreement!

Say good-bye to toxic chemicals, harmful bacteria, heavy metals, rust stains, and more!

Instead, enjoy clean, high-quality drinking water whenever you turn the tap!

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Affordable Water Filtration and Clean Drinking Water

We want everybody to have clean drinking water, but not everyone is comfortable with the upfront costs of a reverse osmosis system!

If you want improved water quality at affordable monthly payments, you came to the right place!

After providing a water test, we’ll identify what water filter systems you may benefit from and provide you with the water treatment solutions you need.

Clean drinking water should never break the bank.

Call John The Plumber to enhance your water system today!

What Home Filtration System Do You Offer?

Installing a reverse osmosis system in your home helps protect you against various issues with water. They can filter out chemical contaminants, salts, chloride, metals, and more.

Some water system filters are installed under specific faucets or fixtures, while a whole house water filter can improve your water quality throughout your home!

Water softeners remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from your drinking water. If you’ve ever noticed watermarks on your faucets, lime buildups, clothes that fade quickly, or skin discomfort after showering, you may want to consider a water softener!

Ultraviolet water treatment systems use UV light to purify the water in your home. It’s an extremely effective solution to kill bacteria in your water.