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Finding good Commercial plumbers in Ottawa isn’t always an easy task.There are plenty of review sites for residential plumbers, but finding a good commercial plumbing company in Ottawa isn’t always easy. At John The Plumber, we specialize in all different types of commercial plumbing. Especially tenant build outs. Tenant fit ups are about making the entrepreneurs dreams come true. As a business owner, I fully understand that you have poured your heart and soul into this business venture, and how important it is to you for things to go smoothly, and for your business to open on time.

Commercial plumbing requires a different skill set than residential.  This is due to the fact that many more codes come into play.  Fire ratings, engineers specs, knowledge of the latest products are all factors that need to be considered before a commercial plumbing job can even begin.

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The types of commercial plumbing jobs that we do on a daily basis include plumbing, restaurants, hair salons, nail salons, embassies, schools, Doctors offices, Dental offices, and veterinary clinics to name a few.  Send us your drawings today for a quote, and we can arrange to discuss your project in person.

At John The Plumber, finding your commercial plumber is easy. We strive to make your commercial plumbing project flawless, and we back that up with an industry leading two year warranty.

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Great work, finished my all the plumbing in my kitchen. Very clean and professional crew, finished my kitchen while my business was still running and kept it quiet to not disturb my valued customers. As a small business, I highly recommend these guys for all your plumbing needs, I recently called them back to get another tap installed for my shop side. They did it next day after the discussion and finished within a few hours. Thanks guys!!!

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