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You Helped Us Win The Top Choice Award For Best Plumber in Ottawa!

This is incredible! What a feeling! We are so proud to announce that John The Plumber has been crowned the Top Choice Award Winner for Top Choice Plumber in the 2023 Top Choice Award Survey and it’s all thanks to you!


First of all, I need to thank my amazing team. Without this team of hilarious, sweet, kind, hardworking, and awesome people, we wouldn’t be where we are today… And, I’m grateful for you are! 🙏

We’ve put tremendous effort, attention, and focus on the goal of becoming the best plumbers in Ottawa… This award means more to us than we can ever thank you for. Words cannot express how warm our hearts are from all the support we’ve received from our community! We truly appreciate this recognition and the association with the exclusive Top Choice Award circle of winners.

Winning the Top Choice Award for plumbers is one of the most coveted endorsements in the industry, and this award means that our efforts have been recognized and appreciated. It sincerely makes it all worth it! Our relentless focus on world-class service can be taxing, but we’ll never give up!

Congratulations to all the nominees, voting contest winners, and fellow winners of the 2023 Top Choice Awards Survey. The John The Plumber team thanks you from the bottom of our heart. Cheers to a beautiful 2023 for all of us!

And, to all of our valued customers… Thank you so much for choosing John The Plumber!

Sincerely, the John The Plumber Team