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Blocked drains, slow drains, clogged toilets, and similar problems can be a nuisance or feel like your hair is on fire. Whether your drain problem is big and urgent or a small item you’ve put off dealing with, you’ve come to the right place. Since 2006 the plumbers at John The Plumber Barrhaven have met many drain challenges we didn’t like, but never one we couldn’t figure out and fix.

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Our Drain Cleaning Services in Barrhaven

Clogged Toilet

A blocked toilet, or an overflowing toilet, can make a great day take a plunge!

Whether little Timmy flushed a toy car or you prefer 10-ply toilet paper, don’t be ashamed to call us! There is almost zero chance that your toilet clog is worse than anything we’ve seen before!

Besides, we’re Barrhaven plumbing professionals! We’ll unclog your toilet and flush your problems away in no time!

P.S. If you need a toilet replacement, we can do that, too!

barrhaven drain cleaning clogged toilet
barrhaven drain cleaning clogged kitchen sink

Clogged Kitchen Sink

A lot of food matter and grease goes down the kitchen sink drain by accident! And, no matter how hard you try, you’re likely going to deal with clogged drains at one point or another.

If you’ve noticed slow drains, gurgly noises, drain flies, or a full-blown clogged kitchen sink, then you’re dealing with a plumbing problem that our plumbers want to fix!

Not only are we equipped with a drain snake, but we come prepared with a Hydro Jetter designed for the smaller pipes under your kitchen sink.

Whatever is causing your kitchen sink blockage, we can handle it!

Clogged Bathroom Sink

May the first person who hasn’t brushed their hair or shaved in front of a bathroom sink cast the first stone!

Bathroom sink drains receive all sorts of junk that they’re not designed to handle. We all brush our teeth and shave, but no plumbing and drain system is built to handle the accumulated gunk that comes afterwards.

Don’t worry, though!

Our Barrhaven plumbers can blast away years of toothpaste, beard trimmings, shredded hairs, and countless hygiene products that has gunked up your drainage system.

barrhaven drain cleaning clogged bathroom sink
barrhaven drain cleaning clogged shower

Clogged Shower

Nearly all of us have seen a long hair squiggled around the shower wall at least once in our life…

But, who of us have pinched it and thrown it in the garbage?

I’m not pointing any fingers! Rather, I’m emphasizing how nearly all of us probably have at least a few hairs in our shower drain.

The bad news is these stray hairs cling on to the soap and scum in the drain. As hair sticks to the insides of your pipes, more soap accumulates. And, so on.

Before you hit up the Canadian Tire to buy a bottle of chemicals, give John The Plumber a call and schedule a plumbing service!

We’ll fix your shower without causing your home more trouble down the road!

Clogged Bathtub

I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoy a good soak from time to time.

But, as I pull the plug and stand up… I find it unsettling when the water doesn’t seem to drain from the bathtub! Does it give anyone else the heeby-jeebies? Maybe I’ve seen too many horror flicks.

Regardless of whether or not you’re weird like me, a blocked bathtub drain needs to be dealt with – and, who better to call than one of the best plumbers in Barrhaven?

We have plumbers ready and available to take care of your plumbing emergency ASAP!

barrhaven drain cleaning clogged bathtub
Clogged Laundry Sink

Clogged Laundry Sink

Were you washing paint brushes and tools in the laundry sink? Did those liquids harden and block your pipes?

I’m not judging, I promise! Why else call it a utility sink if you can’t utilize it?

While this might seem like a serious plumbing problem, don’t worry!

barrhaven drain cleaning

Our drain team is built of more than one experienced plumber, and these fellas know their way around a pipe!

Clogged Floor Drain

Many new homeowners go years before realizing that their floor drain has been blocked this whole time! It’s a strange phenomenon and I don’t know why this is!

If you’ve got a blocked drain pipe or you have water pooling around your floor drain, give us a shout! We’ll run a camera through the drain to see what’s going on, explain the plumbing issues, discuss some solutions, then provide some world-class drain services!

clogged floor drain
barrhaven drain cleaning drain backup

Drain Backups

If you use one plumbing fixture and the wastewater rises from a seemingly unrelated drain, you’ve got a drain backup!

Backed-up drains occur when there’s a blockage somewhere down the line. As you use drains that are placed at a higher level, the water and waste will exit through the path of least resistance: a drain at a lower level.

This often means you’ve got a blocked stack or sewer. Regardless of the location of the blockage, call John The Plumber and have some Barrhaven plumbing experts solve your problems!

Blocked Sewers

Blocked sewers are sometimes easy, but they can be some of the more daunting plumbing jobs a homeowner can experience.

Hopefully, it’s as easy as a quick and easy rooter service. But, if it’s something like a cracked or collapsed sewer, tree roots, or worse, we’re the experts you want.

Whether you have a small issue or you require some serious Barrhaven plumbing services, nobody will offer a better customer experience than John The Plumber!

Same-Day Sewer Cleaning Services
barrhaven drain cleaning hydro jetting

Hydro Jet Services

What is a Hydro Jetter?

While there’s more to it than this, a Hydro Jetter is a powerful pressure washer that is designed to scrub the inside of your drainage system.

A hydro jet plumbing service can blast a lifetime of gunk, feces, grease, and other matter from your drains so that they look brand new inside!

If you might be guilty of accidentally (or intentionally) pouring some grease down the drain on occasion, Hydro Jet Plumbing Services might be the ticket to solve your plumbing issues!

What Makes Us Different?

When you’ve got drain problems, you probably don’t want to wait a week or two for the other plumbing company.

No. Instead, you probably want same-day or next-day plumbing services.

And, you probably want them by fully insured technicians that use the best equipment.

And, is it too much to ask to hire someone that is efficient, friendly, presentable, and professional?

It’s only too much to ask if you call somebody else.

When you call John The Plumber, you’ll feel comfortable with the plumber you’re inviting into your home. You’ll receive plumbing services and some of the best customer service by really good guys. And, you’ll get your problems solved fast.

When you want Super Fantastic Service, you call John The Plumber!

Read below to learn what some of your neighbours say about us!

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What Customers Say About Our Drain Cleaning Services in Barrhaven

google 5 star plumber reviews

Geoff quickly zeroed in on a drainage problem that sometimes seemed to clear, but kept coming back. His approach was professional, courteous and friendly. He cleared the blockage and resolved the problem in less than 30 minutes (including cleanup and paperwork).


google 5 star plumber reviews

After trying to contact various plumbing companies to have them fix my kitchen sink drain, I was referred to John the Plumber by a work colleague. They scheduled my appointment quickly, were able to move the appointment to an earlier date when my work schedule changed, and arrived on time and pleasant! Geoff and Dawson explained the situation to me clearly, worked quickly and efficiently, and taught me what to do so it will be less likely to need their help in the future (for this sink). They also left no mess behind, which is always appreciative. Possibly not the least expensive service out there, but you get what you pay for and I found value in what they provided. Would recommend John the Plumber without hesitation!


google 5 star plumber reviews

I had a problem with my toilet so I called John the plumber and they came really quick:) when the person came to my house work was done in 5mins and Respective of our home. Fast, efficient, friendly. Also told me that what caused problem and post care is well. I am very happy for the service and I would definitely recommend John the plumber


google 5 star plumber reviews

I had a somewhat clogged kitchen drain for quite some time, I mean it would drain but burping sound could be heard seconds later until 2 days when it got completely clogged. Not only the entire drain that runs across the house needed unplugging but yrs of inattention caused the vent to also get pluggled. A job too big for a homeowner with a plunger. Thanks Makulay, Jeff and Eric, for seeing the job through to the end.


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