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When it comes to faucet installation and repair,
we recommend trusting a licensed and insured plumber.

John The Plumber has been operating since 2006. Our plumbers are licensed and insured, and they’re experienced enough to install your faucet properly. While faucet installations aren’t the most complicated task in the world of plumbing, one mistake can cause a leak and cost you more than you might expect.

If you need a plumber to supply and install a new faucet, install a faucet you already purchased, or repair a faucet that’s not working right, John The Plumber can help!

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Our Faucet Repair and Installation Services in Hamilton

The kitchen faucet is one of the most decorative and functional assets in your kitchen.

A beautiful faucet can make or break a room!

A kitchen faucet packed with convenient features can make or break your cooking or cleaning experience!

Whether you’ve already purchased a faucet or you’d prefer our plumber to pick up, supply, and install your desired faucet, we are ready to help!

Call or book an appointment online and we’ll upgrade your kitchen with a new kitchen faucet installation!

If you want a shower valve replacement or an upgrade for your bathtub faucet, give us a shout!

Some valves and faucets are more complicated than others, but our plumbers can handle any shower valve you present.

You know the weather is getting better when people wash their cars or use their outdoor faucets.

Unfortunately, due to the winters we experience in Hamilton, sometimes our outdoor hose bibs don’t work as well as they did last year.

When that happens, call John The Plumber for an outdoor faucet installation!

Don’t worry about disconnecting your old faucet! Relax and leave it to the professionals!

We know that calling a plumber is rarely a fun time. Let us make this as easy as possible.

We’ll remove your old faucet, install a new faucet, and take care of disposal.

Bathroom faucets come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you want a standard bathroom faucet or something that will add some elegance to your life, John The Plumber can help!

We’re happy to supply and install your bathroom faucet or install a faucet you already have.

Whatever your needs, when it comes to bathroom faucets, John The Plumber wants to help!

Laundry and utility sinks don’t get the love they deserve.

While they may not be as decorative or pretty as other faucets, laundry faucets deserve some respect.

If you’re having issues with your utility faucet, call John The Plumber!

We’re happy to help with a laundry faucet installation any day!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with the drips of a leaky faucet, an unusually loud faucet, some wonky faucet handles, or low water pressure that’s isolated to one faucet… There’s a good chance you’ll need a faucet repair.

If you’re experiencing faucet issues, give us a call!

One of our licensed experts will be happy to replace the faucet cartridge or resolve whatever problem you’re dealing with!

Why Choose John The Plumber for Your Faucet Installation or Repair?

At John The Plumber, we believe that our customers will come back if we offer an outstanding customer experience.

To meet and exceed our customers needs, we offer same-day or next-day service with some of the friendliest plumbers in Hamilton.

Not all plumbers are trying to earn your repeat business.

Many of them won’t help if you have an issue, and they’ll stop answering your phone calls.

That’s not how we roll.

John The Plumber is committed to outstanding service. We are Hamilton’s trusted plumbers for a reason.

When you choose to hire us, be confident that you’ll be happy with the results.

Even the best product can reveal itself to be a dud.

The good news is when you hire John The Plumber, the products we supply and install are covered by a 2-year plumbing warranty!

If you have any issues with our supplied fixtures, call us and we’ll get it fixed up in no time!

We’re not in the business of surprises.

We’re in the business of solving problems. And, the best way for us to avoid a problem in the future is to be clear and upfront about our pricing.

When you receive your invoice, you will see the price that you expected to pay. No hidden charges. No surprise fees.

John The Plumber is a premium plumbing company. We offer premium products.

While we’re happy to install any brand of faucets, there are some that we choose to offer because of their high quality standards.

If you’re thinking about a faucet replacement, don’t be shy! Our experts have repaired and replaced countless faucets. They know what to get and what to avoid!

What do Hamilton Residents Say About Our Faucet Services?

google 5 star plumber reviews

Robert showed up was very knowledgeable, and resolved our issue. He was a pleasure to meet and I would like it if we require any other plumbing services that you send him back out. Thank you for the excellent service we received today.


google 5 star plumber reviews

Rob was on time, super pleasant, clear on the need and costs. Could not have been happier with the service.


google 5 star plumber reviews

Your plumber Robert arrived within the appointment window. He was a knowledgeable tradesman and explained exactly what was wrong and how much it would cost to repair it! After the repairs he explained what he had done and what additional parts I should get directly from Kholer, the fixture manufacturer. I am satisfied with the repairs.


google 5 star plumber reviews

Quick, efficient and accurate. Thanks for fixing our leak!


What to Consider When Buying a Faucet?

As a plumbing company, we’ve seen every feature and issue you could think of when it comes to faucets.

The most important consideration is usually the brand. Some brands have better reputations for durability, longevity, leaks, and availability of replacement parts. For this, we usually like to stick to American Standard or Delta. That being said, there are many brands out there with varying levels of quality – we simply trust these brands from our countless years of combined experience.

Depending on the faucet, you may want to consider some of the following features:

Kitchen Faucet Features

While some faucets are limited to turning side-to-side, pull-down faucets allow you to pull the nozzle down so you can aim the flow how you please.

Pull-out faucets are similar to pull-down, except you pull out more of the faucet from the base. This allows you a more convenient handle and easier aiming.

Wave your hands in front of the sensor to activate the flow! Don’t worry, many of these faucets come with an unnoticeable sensor.

While you might not think you need a hands-free kitchen faucet installed, you’d be surprised how beneficial it can be. Ever handled raw meat? It’s hard to turn on the water without spreading germs!

Touch faucets are activated by touching the faucet anywhere! It sensors your skin contact and activates the flow to a desired temperature and pressure.

Single-handle faucets have a single handle for controlling both the hot and cold water. It’s a matter of your preference.

Double handle faucets have a handle for hot and cold. It’s a stylistic choice.

Quickly switch from a number of spray patterns depending on what you’re doing. Cleaning dishes? There’s a spray pattern for that. Filling a jug? There’s a spray pattern for that!

FAQ’s About Faucet Installs in Hamilton

Who Do I Call To Install A Faucet?

We may be biased, but we think it’s wise to hire a professional and licensed plumber for plumbing jobs.

It’s not that faucet installations or repairs are an incredibly complex job, but all it takes is one simple mistake to ruin your flooring, walls, or worse.

We believe if it has to do with water, pipes, and fixtures, it’s best to leave it to a licensed plumbing company with a ton of 5-star reviews!

What Happens If We Hire You And Experience an Issue With Our Faucet?

You’ll be happy that you hired a plumbing company that offers a great warranty!

Give us a call and schedule a warranty visit, and we’ll take care of you.

What Does Your Faucet Warranty Cover?

We cover parts and labour on our supplied fixture installations.

My Faucet Is Dripping When It's Shut Off, What's Wrong?

Your faucet is made of more parts than you might think. Some of these parts can wear out.

The good news is that they can usually be fixed.

I Have Low Water Pressure In One Faucet But Not In Others, What's Going On?

There are a number of things that could be affecting your water pressure. If it’s isolated to one faucet, it’s likely a clogged aerator or cartridge.

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FAQ's about Faucet Installs in Hamilton

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