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Not always, but plumbing issues are often plumbing emergencies.

Unfortunately, with the shortage of plumbers, many homeowners wait days or weeks for an appointment with a plumber in Hamilton. You just can’t wait a few days or weeks for a plumber when you’ve got an overflowing toilet or your frozen water lines have burst.

Good news, Hamilton. We’ll make it work for you.

John The Plumber has built a reputation for fast action and solving your problems quickly.

When you’re dealing with plumbing emergencies in Hamilton, call John The Plumber!

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Most of the time, John The Plumber is the fastest plumbing company in Hamilton to schedule you for an appointment.

We’re able to do this because we have an outstanding plumbing team, we’re spread out across the city, our dispatch team uses the best scheduling and route-planning software, we use high-quality tools specifically designed for the situations at hand, and we’re willing to work longer hours.

Having plumbers near you anywhere in Hamilton sets us apart. We’re able to get to you faster.

Every minute counts in a plumbing emergency. When you’re dealing with a stressful plumbing situation, we recommend calling John The Plumber.

We’re confident you’ll be satisfied.

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What’s Considered A Plumbing Emergency?

We consider a plumbing emergency to be anything that can cause more damage if left unresolved or anything that lowers your quality of life while left unresolved.

Every day we squeeze Hamilton customers in because of a blocked kitchen sink or clogged shower drain. But plumbing emergencies go far behind clogged drains!

If your sump pump fails right before a rainstorm, you’re going to need a sump pump replacement before your basement floods! If your sewer line collapses or clogs, you’re going to need sewer repair services so that you don’t get a drain backup!

And, what about hot water? If you have no hot water, you’d probably consider a water heater repair or replacement to be an emergency plumbing service!

Plumbing emergencies are in the eyes of the beholder. But, the good news is John The Plumber doesn’t charge extra when you’re in a bad situation. No matter what plumbing services you need, emergency or not, we’re going to treat you fairly.

Disclaimer: Not every plumbing company operates with the same philosophy. Some companies do charge plumbing emergency fees. So, be careful!

Why Choose John The Plumber As Your Emergency Plumber?

If you call our phone line right now, a live and compassionate customer service representative will answer the phone. She’ll find out where you are, who’s closest, and what the schedule looks like. From there, she’ll send the next available plumbers in Hamilton to you to resolve your needs as soon as possible.

You’ll be scheduled in quickly, serviced efficiently, and satisfied accordingly!

If you call our competitors, it’s not uncommon to be advised about 1-week, 2-week, or 3-week+ wait periods between your phone call and the next available appointment.

Do you want to wait 3 weeks when you need a kitchen faucet repair? I know that I don’t!

When you call John The Plumber, you can usually expect an appointment the same day that you call. If our opening doesn’t work for you, how does tomorrow sound?

We’ll make it work. We’re grateful that you chose John The Plumber and we want to do everything we can to make sure you’re happy with that decision!

We put a tremendous effort into satisfying our customers and creating long-term relationships with the people of Hamilton.

We’re not just saying that. We desperately want to be known as the best plumbing company in Hamilton, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen!

That means offering world-class service to Hamilton residents every time!

Approximately 40% of all home insurance claims are due to water damage. The cost of the average water damage claim is well over $10,000.

The problem with water is that it spreads.

All it takes is one mistake and your entire home could be affected by water damage.

We strongly recommend leaving plumbing work to licensed professionals. At John The Plumber, Hamilton, our experts are fully licensed and insured. They have thousands upon thousands of hours in the field and have serviced countless homes.

If you want licensed and insured professionals working on your home, you’ve come to the right place!

Our vans are equipped with tens of thousands of dollars of plumbing tools and supplies. We have the right tool for the specific job. Not all plumbers are as fortunate to have the proper equipment.

This often means they must repurpose tools and come up with makeshift solutions.

If you’re going to pay for proper plumbing repairs, you probably want the professional to have the right equipment.

If that’s the case, we recommend calling John The Plumber!

Our experts are licensed. They have passed tests, and they continue with our mandatory continued education.

We’re consistently sending out information and videos regarding the newest advancements and techniques in plumbing. You might think that nothing changes in plumbing, but that’s not true.

Even in plumbing, we’re always learning. Because of our dedication to continued education, we’d be willing to bet that we have some of the best plumbers in Hamilton.

If that’s the kind of company you want to deal with, please don’t be shy!

What Hamilton Residents Say About Our Emergency Plumbing Services

google 5 star plumber reviews

Gave them a call and Rob was here in no time! Very professional and explained what he was doing through the entire job. Got the job done quickly and I learned some things while he was here! Extremely helpful!

Will definitely recommend! And will call again when needed!


google 5 star plumber reviews

I used this company because my son flushed his underwear down the toilet, which clogged the toilet. Andrew came and quickly unclogged the toiled and explained what he was doing. He was knowledgeable and did a great job!


google 5 star plumber reviews

Rob was great. Professional. He tested the system, did his checks and recommended to not continue with the service at this time as the problem may have fixed it. Gave us tips to follow up with. I’d call them again.


google 5 star plumber reviews

I was very happy with how quickly I was able to get someone on site to repair a shower in a rental property. Colin arrived within a few hours of placing the call. He diagnosed the problem and offered 2 solutions. The work was done professionally and efficiently. I would definitely use John The Plumber again.


google 5 star plumber reviews

My sump pump wasn’t working and he was here right away. The job was completed in no time, and he was amicable. I have had John here for other reasons and he has always gotten here very quickly. He explains what has to be done and then does it. A very good worker.


google 5 star plumber reviews

Your plumber Robert arrived within the appointment window. He was a knowledgeable tradesman and explained exactly what was wrong and how much it would cost to repair it! After the repairs he explained what he had done and what additional parts I should get directly from Kholer, the fixture manufacturer.

I am satisfied with the repairs.


google 5 star plumber reviews

Great experience with Geoff. He was friendly and courteous, explained everything before getting started, worked quickly and efficiently and left everything clean and tidy afterwards. Would recommend!


google 5 star plumber reviews

Collin was amazing and efficient. Polite as well. Replaced our toilet and we will have him return to replace a water valve in the basement.


Are Emergency Plumbers More Expensive?

They can be, but not with John The Plumber.

Many plumbing companies charge “emergency hour rates” or bump up the cost of plumbing services when they need to get there fast.

We don’t judge them for this, since they often have to cancel other jobs to accommodate customers experiencing emergencies, so they need to make up for the opportunity cost.

However, at John The Plumber, we’ve built our business around plumbing emergencies. When you call us, you will pay the same fair rates that you would pay at any other time.

How Long Will It Take Us To Get To You?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question depends on the day.

Sometimes we can get to you within half an hour, sometimes it will take longer.

We do our best and we take pride in how quickly we can respond to your plumbing emergencies. However, sometimes it can take hours.

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The people of Hamilton have spoken. Since 2006, they have chosen John The Plumber as their licensed and insured plumbing expert again and again.

Our customers have come to appreciate our high-quality and efficient service, our convenient appointment scheduling, our legitimate customer satisfaction guarantee, our outstanding plumbing warranty, and every other aspect of our business.

Time and again, we have proven that we have our customers’ interests at heart. We treat your home and wallet like it’s our own. And, we do what is right for the people of Hamilton!

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