Hamilton Sump Pump Installation

Our Sump Pump Installations Have Kept Hamilton Homes Flood-Free Since 2006

If your sump pump isn’t working when you need it, you’re going to have a bad time. Many areas in Hamilton experience flooding from time to time. The homes in these neighbourhoods rely on their sump pump to keep their basement dry and protected against flood damage.

If you need a sump pump installation or repair in Hamilton, you’ve come to the right place.

John The Plumber has been offering Sump Pump Installations in Hamilton since 2006!

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Our Hamilton Sump Pump Services

At John The Plumber, we’ll do it all!

If you need a new sump pump installed or replaced, we’re your one-stop shop for all sump pump services.

Some of our sump pump services include:

If you need a new sump pump installation, we have a nearby plumber ready and equipped to set you up with your new flood protection.

Our technicians are familiar with sump pump models and brands, and we know what to use and what to avoid.

If you need a new sump pump or you’re considering adding additional flood protection to your home, we’re looking forward to helping you!

Backup sump pumps are secondary sump pumps that kick on when your primary sump pump can’t handle the water entering the sump pit.

This can happen during heavier rainstorms and flood seasons, but your backup sump pump will also come in handy when your primary sump pump fails.

We recommend every homeowner that owns a sump pump consider installing a backup sump pump before you need a Hamilton emergency plumber!

It’s wise to periodically inspect, test, clean, and maintain your sump pump and sump pit. There are a number of things that should be routinely inspected on your sump pump to ensure its proper function and prevent unnecessary sump pump failure.

Sometimes your sump pump discharge line can clog, just like how you might experience a blocked drain.

Unfortunately, all kinds of pieces and chunks of matter can fall into the sump pit. Your sump pump is built to handle some solids, but your sump pump discharge line can clog if the solids are too big.

If you’ve got a sump pump discharge clog, your sump pump won’t be able to remove water, but it will keep trying. This can result in burning out your sump pump.

When you’ve got a clogged discharge line, we hope that you’ll choose John The Plumber for plumbing services in Hamilton!

In general, you can expect around 10 years out of your sump pump. But, if you’re sump pump is acting up or approaching the 10-year mark, you may want to consider a sump pump replacement sooner than later.

The last thing anyone wants is to learn the hard way that their sump pump isn’t working!

When you’re ready to replace your sump pump, we hope you choose John The Plumber as your residential plumbers in Hamilton!

Simply put, a battery backup sump pump is a backup sump pump with a battery! Considering that basement flooding often occurs during heavy rainstorms, it’s wise to install a power-outage-proof protective plumbing device!

That’s a mouthful!

We believe that everyone that has a sump pump should think about battery backup sump pumps.

If you’re considering one, we want to help!

Nothing lasts forever. Every once in a while, you may need plumber repairs on your sump pump. Whether your sump pump won’t kick on, won’t stop pumping, or can’t empty the sump pit, we’ve got you covered.

Trust John The Plumber for your sump pump repairs and replacements!

Why Choose John The Plumber As Your Local Sump Pump Installer?

We’re the plumbers Hamilton trusts when they need plumbing services! Our experts have decades of experience and knowledge to make sure your job is done well.

John The Plumber is the Hamilton plumbing services provider that puts customers first!

We’ve built our reputation around offering services conveniently, efficiently, and reliably.

Best of all, our plumbers are friendly and professional. We’re here to offer you world-class plumbing services every chance we get!

Most people don’t have weeks to wait for a plumbing repair or installation.

We get it! We’re homeowners who need professional services on occasion.

We’ve built our company around offering the most convenient plumbing services anyone in Hamilton has ever seen.

When you want your needs met ASAP, call John The Plumber!

Not all plumbing companies offer warranties!

Worse yet, not all plumbing companies honour them!

With John The Plumber, it doesn’t matter if we’re dealing with a sump pump or a toilet installation

Our customers are covered with Hamilton’s longest plumbing warranty. We know that excellent service is what makes you choose John The Plumber again and again!

Our team is built of plumbers with decades of experience doing residential service plumbing.

We’ve installed thousands of sump pumps over the last two decades and we’ve seen it all.

We know what sump pumps are great, and what sump pumps are less than average.

When you want good advice by experienced plumbers, you know who to call!

Do we think we’re the best plumbers in Hamilton?

That’s not for us to decide.

But, judging by our countless 5-star reviews by Hamilton residents, I think we’re doing something right!

What Do Hamilton Residents Say About Our Sump Pump Services?

google 5 star plumber reviews

My sump pump wasn’t working and he was here right away. The job was completed in no time, and he was amicable. I have had John here for other reasons and he has always gotten here very quickly. He explains what has to be done and then does it. A very good worker.


google 5 star plumber reviews

My sump pump, which is very active due to the nature of the foundation and weeping tile set-up in my house, began running constantly (never shutting off) during a rain storm last month. I only recently purchased the house, but due to the frequency with which the pump operates and its appearance being that it looked somewhat old, I knew it was probably time to replace the pump. I called John the Plumber first thing in the morning, they answered my call (bonus!) and they had Rob and his helper out later that morning….I was very pleased with this response time.

Rob and his helper were very nice, very helpful and informative, and very respectful and pleasant to have in my home. They fixed my issue in an efficient and timely manner that afternoon, replacing the pump, disposing of the old one, and providing me with information and answers to my questions.


Sump Pump FAQ’s

What's your warranty on sump pumps?

John The Plumber offers the best plumbing warranty in town!

Whether you’re buying a new sump pump, faucet installation, toilet, or anything else in the world of plumbing, we offer a 2-year warranty on everything we supply.

How long should my sump pump last?

Sump pumps often last around a decade.

If your sump pump is getting up there, we recommend purchasing a backup sump pump to be on the safe side!

How do I know if I need a sump pump?

Has your basement flooded before? Has your neighbourhood experienced flooding in the past?

While flooding has occurred in unexpected places in the past, generally speaking, you’ll only need a sump pump if your house is in an area susceptible to flooding.

Will my sump pump kick on if a pipe bursts?

A sump pump is properly placed in the lowest part of your basement. In theory, your sump pump can pump water leaking from a burst pipe, however, you certainly don’t want to rely on a sump pump to protect you from water damage from broken pipes.

If you’re concerned about water damage from damaged pipes, you may want to consider a water leak detector.

Why won't my sump pump stop pumping when the sump pit is empty?

A continuously running sump pump is usually caused by a stuck float switch.

Unplug the sump pump, clear the pit, and test the float switch to see if it can move up and down.

Once you’ve tested it to satisfaction, plug the sump pump back in and test it.

If it continues to inexplicably run, we advise you to call someone for plumber repairs.

Why did my basement flood?

Basements can flood for countless reasons.

In Hamilton, the spring thaw and heavy rainstorms are often the cause. During periods of extreme wetness, the water table can rise and water can find its way into your home’s foundation.

Why did my sump pump break?

In most cases it’s the motor that failed which can be either electrical, mechanical or a mechanical that turned into an electrical issue.

Power failure

This is an obvious one, if the power goes out, your pump stops working. This is exactly why our plumbers recommend a battery back up!

Improper maintenance

Like having a car out in your yard without using it regularly, your sump pump is also required to start up every couple of months even if not using it to make sure it is still functioning properly and test all the lines. Make sure the pumps float has not been obstructed.

Incorrect installation or wrong size

Having the wrong size means it has to work even harder to produce the proper function, which means it can also burn out quickly. It may also not be able to produce enough water if it’s too small. Having it installed correctly seems like another obvious one, but manufacturers require different things, and your home makes it unique too. Make sure you go with a qualified and licensed plumber like John the Plumber to ensure you have the right pump for your home and have it installed correctly.

Voltage Surges

Lightening may have hit nearby and overloaded the powerlines. A good submergible motor would have a built in arrestor so it can handle a voltage overload multiple times.


Debris can be an easy culprit, but so can frozen pipes. If water cannot discharge, your system will not work! We can offer a few solutions to prevent this, ask us how!

How do I maintain and clean my sump pump?

1) Regularly clean the sump pit. Remove any solids.

2) Clean the sump pump inlet screen

3) Fill a bucket of water and pour it into the pit to test that the sump pump is working.

4) Check the discharge line to ensure water is going where it’s intended.

5) Once a year, remove the sump pump and clean it.

6) Follow manufacturer instructions for greasing and oil.

How often should I test my sump pump?

We’d recommend testing your sump pump every quarter of the year.

Make sure you test it before extremely wet periods, such as spring and autumn.

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