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If you’ve got a leak, slow drains, or some other plumbing issues, we hope you’ll call John The Plumber for your drain replacement and repair services.

Outstanding customer service and high-quality plumbing services are our top priorities.

When you need plumbing repairs in Hamilton, we look forward to making your day better!

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Hamilton Drain Plumbing and Replacement Services

Drain issues aren’t always caused by clogged drains! Collapsed drains, improper sloping, cracks, and splits can happen in your drain line at any time.

When you’ve got drain problems, don’t be shy! Our licensed plumbers have been offering professional plumbing services in Hamilton since 2006!

It’s not unusual for Hamilton homes to experience frozen pipes. Although this tends to be a bigger deal with water supply lines, it can also happen to drains as well!

When your drains freeze, you might end up with blocked drains!

When this happens, call John The Plumber! We’ll be able to get your drains operational again in no time!

Over the years, sewer lines can fall victim to changes in the ground, collapsed piping, tree roots, and several other problems.

Sometimes, the best solution is to replace the sewer line under the ground. When you need this kind of plumbing services, John The Plumber has got you covered.

We will make the process as easy as possible to get your home’s plumbing working fast.

If you’re having work done on the foundation or you are having an issue with a drain or sewer, you may need help locating the drains to prevent unnecessary damage.

Using a special tool, we can send unique frequencies out from within the pipes to help identify the layout of your plumbing system.

If you’re considering buying a home, it might be wise to have a sewer and drain inspection on the home you’re considering. We’ll be able to show you the interior quality of your pipes, problems you may need to deal with, and whether or not the pipes have been properly maintained.

If you’ve got a mystery leak, we can help!

Due to the nature of water, sometimes water damage will show up far from the source.

Our Hamilton plumbers have located and repaired thousands of mystery leaks over the years.

We’ll do our best to find and repair the leak while minimizing damage to your drywall.

Drain issues can be caused by a ton of different reasons. Unfortunately, our plumbers don’t have X-Ray vision. Instead, to see what’s going on inside your pipes, we use a water-proof Drain Camera for drain inspections.

Using this technology, we can see deep inside your plumbing system. Once we find the issue, we can send a signal out that helps us deduce the exact location of your drain problem.

This means that minimal digging will be required if we need to go under the ground for a sewer line or drain repair.

If you’ve got a clogged kitchen drain or a slow drain, you might need our drain cleaning services!

We have all the tools needed to scrub your drains and return them to proper flow!

When you are stuck dealing with a clogged drain emergency, we’re the nearest available plumber and we’ll always be happy to help!

Lead pipes and old galvanized pipes can cause a lot of problems. It’s wise to consider repiping your home and replacing the old pipes with new types like PVC – that will last for a very long time.

Clogged drains, overflowing toilets, and drain backups are all good examples of plumbing emergencies. When you’re dealing with plumbing emergencies, we hope that we’ll be the Hamilton emergency plumber that you choose to call!

Licensed and Insured Hamilton Plumbers

We believe that when it comes to plumbing in your home, you should usually leave it to the experts.

Don’t get me wrong, we know there are many handy people out there. However, even the most talented experts can make mistakes.

At John The Plumber, our experts are licensed and insured. They know what to do, how to do it, and they’re covered if anything goes wrong.

You and your home are safe when you choose John The Plumber.

Why Choose John The Plumber For Drain Repairs and Replacements?

John The Plumber and his team of plumbers are licensed and insured. They’re covered in case of emergency and your home is safe!

We want to make sure that our customers understand what they’re paying for before we do work. It’s important that we discuss our services and costs before doing a job.

When you choose our services, you will never be surprised at invoice time!

Few Hamilton plumbing companies can offer services as soon as we can!

We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into our systems to insure that we operate optimally, so we can get to you faster than anyone!

When our plumbers walk up to your home, you can feel at ease letting us in! Our experts are clean, professional, friendly, and background-checked.

It’s important to us that Hamilton residents feel comfortable and happy with our plumbing services.

John The Plumber is a premium plumbing company. We offer premium products.

While we’re happy to install any brand of faucets, there are some that we choose to offer because of their high quality standards.

If you’re thinking about a faucet replacement, don’t be shy! Our experts have repaired and replaced countless faucets. They know what to get and what to avoid!

What Hamilton Residents Thinks About Our Drain Services

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I contacted the company to get someone to snake my sewer drain. The cost was comparable to what another plumbing company charged me on a previous occasion for the same job. Rob was very professional, arrived on time and was helpful explaining some of the potential issues to watch for and reducing future problems. I would contact them again for plumbing needs based on this experience.


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John, not John the owner 😊, was fantastic. We ended up not needing to do any work at this time and he suggested a wait a see approach…which I truly appreciated because he was cognizant of my pocketbook and the work that needed to be done. Will definitely call him again for all of the rental homes we own.


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Gave them a call and Rob was here in no time! Very professional and explained what he was doing through the entire job. Got the job done quickly and I learned some things while he was here! Extremely helpful!

Will definitely recommend! And will call again when needed!


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