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Ottawa, ON – Homeowners who have noticed a strange odour coming from their pipes should not delay in their decision to contact the professionals. Bad smells emanating from kitchen or bathroom pipes should not be overlooked as simply inconvenient because they can often be indicative of a more serious problem that, if neglected, can be costly. Kanata plumbing specialists from John the Plumber are experienced in all areas of plumbing, including eradicating foul smells.

The most common reason for bad smells in the bathroom is a direct result of broken plumbing, primarily clogged drains or cracked/loose/dry pipes. Contacting plumbers from John the Plumber will make sure that any broken plumbing is fixed easily and quickly.

Moreover, homeowners who notice an unnatural smell are cautioned against turning to drain cleaning solution. Even though these over the counter liquids may provide individuals with a quick temporary solution, they can also ruin pipes, be detrimental to an entire family’s health, and even make the smell worse.

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Since 2006, Kanata plumbing company John the Plumber has been proudly serving the Ottawa community with unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value, which is why many of their customers have been with them for years. Plumbers from John the Plumber provide expedient solutions to any plumbing problem and are fully licensed and insured to handle any plumbing situation that homeowners may be facing. From general plumbing services, renovations, and more, no problem is too big, small, or unfamiliar for John the Plumber specialists.

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