Kanata Backflow Prevention Program

What is the Backflow Prevention Program?

Kanata has started a backflow prevention program. This program ensures that the drinking water quality in Kanata is protected. This is done by installing backflow prevention devices on private properties in the area. These devices are installed on your homes water pipes and allows water to only flow in one direction and never back out to the town water supply. It’s main job is to prevent drinking water contamination due to backflow.

This program won’t affect everyone, mainly commercial, institutional and multi-residential perperties such as apartments, hotels, hospitals and manufacturing facilities. Kanata has very strict water safety guidelines and standards and everything has to be under CSA compliance.

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Kanata Backflow Prevention

Why is the Program Needed?

The water you drink from the tap flows from distribution systems onto your private property. Backflow is basically unclean water that flows back into this system. This is usually caused by the pressure in your system being greater then the water coming from the city’s water supply. A backflow device will help stop this from happening by preventing the backflow from reentering the city’s water supply. Keeping the drinking water clean.

Property owners started getting notified in 2018 and must follow compliance laws and timelines. Surveys of your systems will need to be done and devices will need to be installed in order to comply with this new program. Certain testing will need to be done to determine if you are at a high or moderate risk. These test need to be done every 5 years and device testing at least once a year.

There are many additional details in the following link:


John The Plumber Kanata can help guide you through this process. We have qualified and licensed plumbers that are up to date with all the current plumbing codes and regulations. We are more than happy to assist you and your business. Our plumbers are qualified OWWA Cross Connection Control Specialists and are up to the task of ensuring that this program is carried out with CSA and City of Ottawa Compliance.

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